5 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools For Your WordPress Site

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Nowadays, WordPress has been a go-to tool for website creation. And while some other open source software for creating websites are emerging, WP still remains as a staple in developing flexible websites and blogging content.

Now when talking about content, SEO is also a favorite technique being used to rank in Google. But not all webmasters are very familiar with the process of content optimization, so they utilize certain plugins to help them ensure that all the pages in the site (and the whole website, in general) will gain good search result rankings according to a chosen keyword.

So if you have a website and you want to make sure that all the pages are properly optimized, then we recommend that you go on reading as we are going to explore 5 of the best search engine optimization tools for WordPress in this entry.

Let’s begin…



This tool is one of the most widely used SEO tools by digital marketing experts and business owners. Basically, Ahrefs will allow you to check on various metrics which are essential to help your site gain competitive rankings. Also, this tool will allow you to check your site’s performance in terms of SEO and check your competitors as well so you can devise an SEO strategy that will work to your advantage.

One of the most used features in Ahrefs is the keyword explorer as it will enable you to check on the data of any given keywords from the search volume, the keyword density, and it will even show you similar keywords that you can use for better content optimization.

Keyword Tool.io

As the name suggests, this tool is mainly used for determining keywords. To be specific, it provides search terms which are commonly searched in Google and other search engines (even other search channels. Likewise, this same tool has other features that you can use to pick the right keywords you need for your website to rank (it can give up to 750 of keyword suggestions).

Keyword Tool.io is ready to be used for free with no account sign up required, but you can also avail of its premium version to access its advanced features.

All In One SEO Pack

This is a WordPress plugin that’s often installed by web development experts as it will automatically optimize the site’s pages according to a particular keyword. To use this tool, simply open the “add post” or “add page” option in WP and go to the lower portion and you will see the All In One SEO Pack window where you can input the title, description, and the target keywords for a particular blog post or page post. And then it will automatically optimize the content according to the details you provided. It’s that easy!

keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner

It is a powerful search engine optimization tool for finding relevant keywords with value. It’s is so user-friendly that all you need to enter are URLs, words, and phrases to start a search. Once the results are up, you will see the top keywords along with the average monthly searches for that particular keyword(s) in Google. And on top of that, it will also provide data about the competition levels and the bidding amounts (an important data for Adwords advertisers).

Yoast SEO

And last but not the least is this very popular tool for search engine optimization. Yoast SEO is very efficient in providing a massive range of SEO features like finding advanced XML sitemaps, adding breadcrumbs, setting up canonical URLs to prevent any duplicate content, add title, and meta tags for every content that you publish.

Plus, it will also help you to create better content through its Content & SEO Analysis feature as it will check every post or page content that you have in the site to make it more appealing to bots and human readers.

Moreover, this tool also has other exciting features such as internal linking and cornerstone content, multiple focus keywords, snippet previews, and so much more.


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