Company Logo Creation 101: How To Create The Perfect One

company logo creation

The company logo is the most important visual representation of the company. An insignia that sums up the company’s traditions and visions in one picture.

Having a good logo design is crucial for branding, especially for the newcomers. You need to have something that can make you stand out from all the competition.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create a good logo. If you need some ideas, there are plenty of websites that can help you with that.

Logo Inspiration Siteslogo design ideas

Here are some sites that you can visit:

After you have that idea of yours, the next step you need to do is to put that idea into reality.

Logo Creation Tools

Here are some tools that you can use in creating that awesome logo of yours:

  • Adobe Illustrator (For Intermediate Users – My Go-To Tool)adobe illustrator
  • Canva (Perfect for Beginners – Quick and Easy to Use)
  • Design Hill (Noob-friendly – Lots of Templates to choose from)
  • Logo Joy (Basically the same as Design Hill)

You can visit this link if you want to check out the complete list of logo creation tools.

Here are some additional tips that you need to consider when creating a company logo.

Keep it Simple – Take a look at the logos of famous companies and organizations like FedEx, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike and Apple. Nothing flashy and fancy.

Choose Fonts Wisely – Don’t use anything that’s too gimmicky. Don’t even think about using Comic Sans as your main font.

Make it Look Active – This can apply to you if you’re planning to use some sort of mascot in your logo. Just take a look at the past logo of Twitter and compare it to their current one.

Use Good Color Combinations – What’s a logo without color. Dead, that’s what it is. If you don’t know how to blend colors, here’s a link that can help you with that. Choose the color that personifies your brand.

Well, not all of us have the spare time to do this. Good thing, you can order a business logo from! These guys are the best at what they do and we highly recommend their logo creation services.

Hope these tips help you on your quest in getting that perfect company logo. Share your thoughts down the comment section. We’ll see you next time!

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