5 Weird But Cool Scientific Facts You Haven’t Learned In School


For most of us, our scientific knowledge is based on all of the things we’ve learned in school. To be specific, things like the theory of relativity, laws of motion, and the periodic table are just some of the many science-related stuff that our teachers have educated us.

But come to think of it, there are other weird but cool scientific facts that are not usually taught in the confines of an educational institute. And once you get to know these things, it will surely get a bit more interesting.

Let’s begin.

Lasers Can Bend

laser light

One scientific truth that is embedded into our minds is that light travels in a straight line. Yes, that’s true. But laser (a kind of light) can be bent into its straight path with the use of flowing water, and that’s because of total internal reflection – the same theory that is applied on fiber optic cables and the way they guide the flow (path) of light.

Water Can Freeze And Boil Simultaneously

Hearing this scientific fact may blow your mind considering that water only boils when heated and freezes when chilled. But one phenomenon called the “triple point” actually makes this happen as the temperature and pressure of the water is just for it to be converted into solid, liquid, and gas (the 3 phases of matter).

The Pythagorean Theorem Can Be Proven With The Use Of Water

Next on our weird but cool scientific facts is a mathematical theory that most of us have heard of in school, the theory of Pythagoras.

According to this theory, the length of the hypotenuse (the longest side of the right triangle) is equivalent to the length of the squares of 2 remaining sides added together. And if you are going to add square containers on every side and fill it with water, you can actually prove that it is true as shown in this Youtube video.

Seeing Without Glasses

Now it’s quite logical for us to expect that those people with eyeglasses would have a hard time seeing without their specs. But the truth is that you can still see even if you have forgotten your glasses in your house. All you have to do is make a pinhole using your hand and try to see through it as this will help focus the light that’s coming into your eye’s retina.

Spinning A Ball On A Downward Motion Will Make It “Fly”

And last on this weird but cool scientific facts list is something that has gone viral a couple of years back. And it’s most likely that you have seen this video about a guy who dropped off a spinning ball on top of the dam and the ball fell on a curved trajectory.

The reason for this is because of the Magnus Effect where the air on the front side of the spinning ball is moving at the same direction as its spin while the air on the other side of the spinning ball is moving at an opposite direction, which creates an illusion that the ball is “flying”.

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