Fascinating Facts about the Outer Space


Space is a unique and massive place that’s mesmerizing. Its nature makes it difficult for the human mind to fully comprehend it. There are a lot of interesting things about the space and we cannot fully exhaust them. Its sheer vastness and beauty make it a wonder.

There are some things which we know about. However, this is just a tiny portion because there are so many things we don’t know about. Some are strange, mind-blowing, or simply out of this world! To help you enhance your knowledge base, here are some fascinating space facts.

1. Space Contains Floating Water

This is one of the most amazing space facts. Reports by astronomers indicate that there is a cloud of huge water vapor in space. It’s estimated to hold more than 140 trillion times of the earth’s water mass. This massive cloud of water vapor is about 10 billion light-years away.

2. A Million Earths Still Can Fit Inside the Sun


The Sun is the center of the Solar System. This means that all the planets orbit around it. Even though there are numerous planets, the Sun has the heaviest mass. It’s mesmerizing to know that it makes almost 99% of our solar system’s entire mass. This means that a million earths can even fit in it.

3. Mercury is not the Hottest Planet

Even though it’s closest to the sun, Mercury is not the hottest planet. This is because it doesn’t have an atmosphere. So, it only gets hot when it’s facing the Sun directly. During this period, Mercury’s temperature can hit highs of 425C. However, when it’s not facing the sun, temperatures quickly drop and can hit the lows of -180C. The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus thanks to its thick clouds. This is the 2nd planet from the Sun and it has an average temperature of 500C.

4. There are Uncountable Number of Stars

At the moment, nobody can clearly determine the number of stars in space. Remember that space is massive. Note that scientists have tried to use the number of stars found within our galaxy to make estimates. But because there are billions of galaxies, the estimates still don’t make sense.

5. The Footprints Of Apollo Astronauts Will Remain There For 100 Million Years.

There is no atmosphere on the moon. As a result, there is no water or wind to wash or blow the footprints of Apollo astronauts on the moon. This means that their footprints in addition to rover prints and spacecraft prints will remain there for more than 100 million years.

6. Jupiter’s Popular Red Spot is reducing in Size

The popular Red Spot in Jupiter is said to be shrinking. Scientists have established that over the past few years, this spot has been reducing in size. The Red Spot is a massive spinning storm that is found in Jupiter. Previously, it was established that it could fit around 3 earths. However, recent reports indicate that it now fits the size of one earth only.

But what’s more interesting is that even though its width is decreasing, its length is in increasing. According to scientists, the Red Spot is longer now than it was previously. However, the cause of these new changes has not been established. There are theories which suggest that this could be as a result of the jet streams found on Jupiter changing location or direction.

7. Metal Stick Together In Space

Space is like a vacuum. There is no air so when to metals touch each other, they are bound to bond. This process is not possible on Earth because there is oxygen. However, manufacturers normally use this “vacuum” technique to bond metals together, a process that’s known as cold welding.

8. Silent Space

There is no noise in space and it’s completely silent. The vacuum in space doesn’t allow for sound transmission. Note that sound waves require a medium for them to be transmitted. And since space acts like a vacuum, this environment is usually silent. So, if you scream, nothing will be heard because the sound vibrations resulting from your voice won’t be transmitted.


There is no doubt that Space is definitely amazing. Its sheer vastness and the billion galaxies simply make it something to marvel at. It’s unique, mesmerizing, and the human mind cannot fully comprehend it.

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