Why Like A Boss Videos Are Popular These Days

like a boss videos

YouTube is a social media platform where you watch any kind of videos at any time. And if you’re a fan of shocking, controversial, mysterious, and mind-blowing facts about people, science, and technology, then one video series that doesn’t fail to catch attention is ‘Like A Boss’.

Not in any way connected to the TV series of the same name and hosted by Nick Cannon, it is a collection of videos ranging from the amazingly incredible to the surprisingly unbelievable. And apparently, it is becoming increasingly popular these days as more and more people are watching video compilations of this series on YouTube.

What makes Like A Boss compilation videos so catchy and it’s able to attract a lot of viewers? Learn about this in this entry.

It’s Able To Show Videos Of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

From a sexy girl doing a wheelie on a chopper bike to a guy walking ‘round the streets and doing some crazy break dance stuff, these are just some of the many extraordinary videos that you can expect from any of the like the boss compilation on YouTube.

It Also Features Videos Of Utter Stupidity In A Hilarious Way

Like a boss can be likened to Americas Funniest Home Videos but in a more hilarious way.

Take for example this video clip where a girl is taking selfies in a moving car while her phone is positioned outside, then all of a sudden a bike rushes in a snatches her phone just like that. Well, it’s easy to laugh and feel sorry about her situation. But at the same time, it gives you an idea to not do the same, or you’ll end up looking stupid and confused like her.

It Shows That Celebrities And Animals Can Do Silly Things Too

like a boss

Some compilations also show clips of celebrities, no matter we adore and worship some of them can do silly stuff too. Likewise, it displays certain clips of pets and reveal to us their crafty yet cute side as well.

It Aims To Inspire

Would you ever believe a soccer player can score a goal from across the field? Or how about an oversized dancer who was able to make a headstand? And how about a tennis player scoring a point in such an amazing fashion? These are just some of the many videos that show how these people can do these incredible things and inspire you to imitate these acts (if you dare) even if you’re just an average joe.

It Entertains

Nuff said… Like a boss videos are pretty much damn cool to ignore! It’s a great way to entertain yourself whenever you feel the need to do it.

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