Best Products To Sell On Amazon With High Profit Margin

amazon shop is a great website for attracting new customers. In fact, this website alone is accounted for more than 50% of the transactions on Black Friday of 2017! This goes to show that as an online seller, you’ll be able to earn from this eCommerce platform as you can sell different products from 90 million customers.

But as a beginner, you want to ask yourself this question: what products to sell on Amazon FBA that will yield the most profit? After all, earning is one of the main reasons why you are selling online in the first place…

So in this entry, we are going to share the best products to sell on Amazon with high profit margin and maximize the revenue that you are going to make from your online shop.

Let’s begin…

books amazon products

  1. Books

Surprising as it may be, but books remain as one of the best-sellers in the Amazon market. Sure, Kindle may have gained some sort of popularity especially, to online readers. But books are as popular as ever, and Amazon won’t be planning to give up these things anytime soon (after all, books are the first products that Amazon sold online).

So how can you carve out a profitable book niche through your online shop in Amazon?

Simple, try to pick out books that you can purchase for a dollar in bulk and then sell them on Amazon for 1000% markup of the original price. Though there is no guarantee that this method will work at all times, it still deserves a corner in your online shop. Just make sure you do your own research so you’ll be able to sell marketable prints which are relevant to the preference of your target customers.

  1. Jewelries

These items are always one of the best products to sell on Amazon as they are always in hot demand. But one thing to remember though, you have to be very diligent in advertising your merchandise because the market for jewelry is pretty saturated.

The good side, however, is once you sell these products you are looking at a staggering 50% markup on profit, that’s if you take advantage of using unique long-tail keywords on your product descriptions.

  1. Electronics

Technology never runs out of style as our love affair with electronic gadgets and techie devices keeps on growing. Hence, you can actually take advantage of this trend on Amazon since:

  • A new type of electronic device is being launched on a regular basis.
  • There are several choices and subsets for electronic items within each category
  • You can appeal your market with different devices from different brands even though the functionality of these products is just the same.
  • Low Amazon commission fee (at only 8% per product)!exercise clothes
  1. Exercise Clothing & Apparel

As more and more people are becoming health-conscious these days, they also realize the need for good functional clothing. In fact, workout clothing is actually one of the top selling products on Amazon. Therefore, it would be a sin not to capitalize on the craziness.

And as an added bonus, most people prefer buying their clothes new. In short, you can increase the profitability of these products even more.

  1. Baby Stuff

So as long as we (humans) are procreating, the demand for baby stuff remains. And the great thing about this is babies will need a lot of stuff for a short amount of time since they are growing fast during their first early years.

Just always remember to market your products to parents who are having babies for the first time because these people are likely to spend more than those having babies for the second or third time (where stuff from their firstborn is usually handed down to siblings – This is the reality of life).


Final Word

We hope that you have learned from this entry about the best products to sell on Amazon with high profit margin. If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out Prime Seller’s Guide on How to Sell on Amazon. Happy selling!


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