Reasons To Consider Medical School Admissions Consulting


Hi there! As you are reading this article, we understand that you are thinking of applying to a medical school. In the same way, you are also pondering on the possibility of hiring medical school admissions consulting to aid you in your medical application.

So as you are beginning to weigh your options, you are also asking yourself these questions: Should you proceed to use consulting services for medical school admission? Is it really worth it? And how much are you going to pay to acquire this kind of service?

We urge you to read further as we are going to tackle more about this topic here.

The Aspects Of Medical School Application

To start things off, we will outline the key areas that you need to take note of on your medical school application:

  1. Personal Statement – This is one of the most significant aspects to consider. As much as possible, your personal statement must be grammatically correct, is free from spelling errors, has meaning, and a natural flow of the content. We advise that you have professionals check it out to ensure that it is appropriate for med school admission. Check out this link if you need some help on this part.
  2. Secondary Applications – The same process applies to the composition of your personal statement. In short, your secondary essays must also be checked by experts in med school writing for any errors.
  3. Extracurricular Activities – You also need to highlight your well-roundedness when creating a med school application just to give an idea that you are experienced in different areas aside from the medical field.
  4. Which Schools You Want To Apply To – It’s an imperative that you look closely at the different programs offered by medical schools to know which ones will you be applying with.
  5. Interviews – Lastly, this is the aspect where you are in need to seek help. We recommend that you practice mock interviews with those who are familiar with the admission process to get the feel of what it’s like and to build confidence for the day of the actual interview.

Who Needs Admission Consulting?


Unlike admissions to colleges and universities, the admission process to medical schools is known to be random and unpredictable. And while not every applicant needs admission consulting, the fact still remains that it’s a tough process to go through. That’s why you need every help that you can get in order to ensure success in your medical application.

Below are the types of applicants who need medical school admissions consulting:

  1. Those applicants whose GPA and MCAT percentages are below or within the average acceptable mark in the admission statistics.
  2. Those individuals who are not that confident in creating their personal statement.
  3. Those who have concerns with the documents they are going to submit upon application (personal statement and supporting secondary essays).
  4. Those people who don’t have professionals to check their applications and help edit it when necessary.
  5. Those who are not really familiar with the medical school admissions process.
  6. Those who have weakness in the aspect of extracurricular activities.
  7. Those individuals who are looking for an additional level of confidence to help enhance the strength of their medical school application.

Anyone who does not fall under any of these categories may not be required to undergo medical school admissions consulting. Nonetheless, there are a lot of applicants every year who appear to have strong qualifications and have adequate support to boost their application but still failed to gain acceptance. That’s why hiring a consulting service from a reputable company is always recommended to further increase your chance of being admitted.

No matter the case, you should be able to hire professional service as these companies are capable of aiding you through the entire medical admission process by checking further at your application documents, helping you to be familiar with the interview, and formulate tailor-made strategies to make your application get noticed over other applicants and gain more confidence during the expected interview with an esteemed panel of professional.

Don’t skip on getting professional help. For it’s much better to have your application checked to prepare for the actual medical school admission. Use the appropriate resources made available for you and upsurge your way to success.

How Much Does It Cost?

On the average, admissions consulting costs about $250 per hour, and some consulting may even exceed to a thousand dollars per hour or more. In other words, it’s not cheap. But come to think of it, you will gain access to some of the experts in this field who can review your application and revise it accordingly to ensure your admission to the medical school of your choice.

Moreover, the overall cost of getting a medical consulting service is just a fraction of all the expenses you are going to make to become a licensed doctor.

Just to put things into perspective, an average medical school applicant would spend around $4800 just to go through the application process. And moving beyond this, the tuition fee of medical schools averaged around $40,000 to $60,000 a year, which means you have to spend a total of $190,000 just to graduate at med school. So the amount you are expected to spend just by hiring professional consulting services is indeed nothing compared to the overall expenses that you are going to spend.

The point here is to help you understand that although admissions consulting is quite expensive to say the least, it’s still a NECESSARY and WORTHY expense to take to help reach your dream of becoming a doctor. Hence, we also suggest that you take a consultation service that is well within your means. Likewise, you also need to determine the type of consultation service that suits your needs based on the things we’ve discussed above.

Looking For The Best Consulting Service? You’ve Come To The Right Place


Are you looking for a medical school admissions consulting company that helps you to achieve your goals and give the best advice possible? Then consider AcceptMed today and ensure the success of your medical application.

Here’s what you get when you choose AcceptMed:

  1. Personalized approach – All our professionals are committed to providing a personal approach in admissions consulting so that every interaction and information we are going to impart during the consultation will be fully absorbed by you. They recognize the different needs of every applicant, and so they deal with these needs in a personalized manner.
  2. Genuine care – They are passionate and devoted to helping others to be admitted into medical school. Aside from that, they are more than willing to exceed beyond the required duties because they care for your success.
  3. Transparent pricing – AcceptMed’s prices are very reasonable. Likewise, they are transparent about our rates and will not charge you with any hidden fees. And we don’t even cut off at the time limit unless you pay for another consultation session because they are more dedicated in providing excellent service over monetary gains. They’re a strong believer in quality over quantity.
  4. Harvard-grade help – Their team of Harvard Medical School graduate admissions experts will help you achieve your goals.

Check out their website to learn more about our medical school admissions consulting services from their complete packages to polishing up your essays.

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