Know These Things Before You Buy And Sell Artworks

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Mary Schmich, an award-winning American journalist and columnist in Chicago Tribune once said:

“Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views…”

And it actually makes sense considering that artworks convey different messages depending on the one who looks at it. That’s the reason why some people invest in art not only for the monetary value but for the message behind the lines, brush strokes, colors, and curves. But unless you’re an art expert, buying a painting at galleries can be an intimidating experience.

And since we’ve mentioned art galleries, art owners and emerging artists who are looking to earn money should also turn to these institutions to help them find an interested buyer. Because the truth of the matter is selling art paintings can take time unless it will be shown to those who will genuinely appreciate it.

So if you are looking to buy or sell artworks, then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to share some tips on buying art pieces for your personal collection as well as making money by selling paintings.

Here are some things to remember to make the process of choosing artwork less daunting:

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  1. Go for the one that appeals to you – Art is all about expression. And the way the painting is conceived should be able to communicate to others at a heart level. So if you’re planning to buy an art painting today, look for the one that makes a great impression not only in terms of beauty but how it “communicates” to you.
  2. Who made it – Knowing the one who made the art will give you an idea about the context of their work. And all art enthusiasts know about this regardless if they buy and sell artworks for a living or not.

Of course, paintings of established artists can be a bit pricey, but if money is not an issue then try to know about them and the background of the artworks they are producing.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for payment plans or if trades are possible – Don’t fall in love with a painting that’s way beyond your budget. Instead, ask if the gallery or the artist is willing to accept payment plans. Likewise, try to introduce the possibility of trading the painting to another one from your collection and see if they are willing to accept that proposition.
  2. Act fast – Artworks are one of a kind. And most of the time, some collectors might also want to purchase the piece immediately (at times, even at a higher price). So if you found a piece that blew your heart away, then go for it without hesitation.

Check out Art Alley’s website if you’re looking for a place to buy artwork online. Every piece that they sell is original and signed by the artist, so you’re guaranteed with your painting’s authenticity.

On the other hand, here are some tips to consider when selling artworks for artists and collectors:

  1. What is the best price for the artwork you are going to sell – For art collectors, the process of determining the price can be easy since the value of the artwork is usually predetermined especially if it’s made by a famous artist.

But for painters who are still trying to establish their name in the industry, we suggest that you don’t undersell and oversell the piece. These approaches will surely make the buyer more appreciative of your painting and therefore it will be treasured.

  1. Put the agreement in writing – Don’t forget to put the agreement in writing just to protect yourself. And that all the terms must be clearly specified to meet you your client, and/or the gallery’s expectations concerning artwork they intend on buying as well as the commission you are going to get after the purchase. Once the terms are set, seek for legal advice.
  2. Have the agreement signed by both parties – If all the details of the contract checked out, and that everything is according to the state laws and buy and sell artwork regulations, then you and the buyer can proceed with the signing of the contract to signify that the purchase deal is completed.

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