UV Coating Benefits For Wide Format Printing

uv coating wide format printing

In the marketing industry, catching your target market’s attention is the key. And when it comes to printed marketing materials, you have to do what it takes to make your material more appealing and eye-catching to your customers, and one way of doing this is by using UV coating.

Check out this article as we are going to learn more about UV coating benefits for large format printing.

What Is Ultra Violet (UV) Coating?

Before we proceed further, allow us to explain more about this printing technique called UV coating…

By definition, UV or Ultra Violet coating is a type of surface treatment coating in which a tough clear coat is being applied over the underlying printed material as protection for the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Likewise, the same coating is also known to protect the printed materials from scratches, fingerprints, and tear and it also enhances the ink colors, making it more vibrant and stunning to look at.

The process starts by applying a layer of liquid coating over the print. Then, the coated material will be exposed to ultraviolet light which allows the coat to permanently bond and enable the coat to dry instantly at the same time.

UV coating can be applied to the entire printed material (a process known as “flooding”) or to highlight a particular section of the print (a process known as “spot coating”).

Since the coating is thick, it usually requires a process called pre-scoring to prevent it from cracking when the print is folded. Moreover, it is tougher than Aqueous Coating but not as hard-wearing like that of a Plastic Laminate.

UV coating is available in different sheen levels, with the high gloss finish as the most popular choice.

The Benefits In Can Give To Large Format Prints

Aside from giving your printed pieces a richer and more dramatic look, here are a few more benefits you can get once you use UV coating for wide format printing:

  1. Achieving an excellent high finish – What makes UV coating stand out among other traditional lamination process is that it gives a more intense finish compared to Aqueous or Varnish coatings.
  2. Provides abrasion resistance – Some printed pieces are exposed to various forms of usage. And as a result, the quality of your prints will be compromised. But this won’t happen once UV coating is applied since it improves the durability of the prints and increasing the staying power of your material’s visual appeal which is very advantageous for signage, banners, graphics, large prints, and packaging prints.
  3. It makes the details pop out – Details of printed materials are also essential so you can effectively communicate with your target market. And this is especially true for company logos and photographic images as they usually convey a particular message about your company or organization.

UV coating enhances the details of your logos so you can effectively reach out to your target customers and give them an idea about what your business is all about without going to the trouble of elaborating further.

  1. eco friendlyIt is cost effective and eco-friendly – UV coats are made of eco-friendly components and are free from chemically-based compounds, volatile, and non-organic materials, making it safe and ideal for the environment.

Likewise, it provides a high quality glassy look without spending much on expensive coats. So it is a cost-effective solution of producing large format prints with stunning and sophisticated appearance.

  1. Instantaneous drying time – Since the coat dries instantly after being exposed to UV light, the production time also speeds up to allow you to ship and deliver the prints to your customer faster than before.

Final Thoughts

So if you want to achieve a high-end and classy look on your large prints then you have to consider using UV coating to your large format printing pieces and grab the attention of your customers at first glance.

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