5 Fun Facts About Women’s Bracelets

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Human’s love affair with bracelets has come a long way. And though the exact history of wearing bracelets is still debated by archeologist and historians today (some say it was first worn by the Egyptians around 5000 B.C. while others suggest it was worn as early as 7500 B.C. in Turkey), the fact still remains that it is a status symbol and culture item around many societies around the world.

It’s no secret that women often adorn themselves with this jewelry. But did you know at some point gem-encrusted bracelets were worn by soldiers? And are you aware that most charmed bracelets worn by young women came from their grandmothers? Know more about this as we are going to share 5 fun facts about women’s bracelets in today’s post.

Origin Of The Word

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The origin of the word “bracelet” is also a subject of speculation as some historians think that it was derived from “brachiale”, or a Latin word for ‘belonging to the arm’. On the other hand, most sources indicate that it originated from the Greek word “bachile” which means ‘to the arm’. Still, other experts would stress out that it came from the French word “bracel” which is an old French term of the same meaning.

Gleaming Hand Ornaments For Soldiers

While bracelets are mostly associated with women today, the soldiers from ancient Greece once wore the same variety of hand ornaments with decorations of silver, gold, and precious stones… Talk about going to war with style!

Cartier’s Love Bracelets

Perhaps one of the most popular bracelets worn by Hollywood celebrities, the L⊝Ve is one of the sought after women’s bracelets for female fashionistas. And though highly prized by stylish ladies, the locking mechanism of this bracelet is a subject of controversy for it can only be attached and removed by means of a special screwdriver, a feature that is unique to Cartier.

charmed bracelet fun factsMoreover, it is also rumored that you can’t just buy these bracelets unless you have a partner as the screwdriver is intended to be kept by your man as you wear the bracelet (as a sign of your commitment to him). So sorry single ladies…

Charmed Heirlooms

If you ask a girl why she is wearing a charmed bracelet, she would usually say that it came (or was given) by her grandma. And this usually the case since this type of bracelet encourages connection to our elders to remind us that they are always with us even if they have already passed away.

Modern Styles Of Bracelets

Today, women’s bracelet designs come in different shapes and sizes. You can wear anything from cuff links, bangles, beaded, and even diamond bracelets as mass production have made it possible for an average woman to afford this hand jewelry and wear as an adornment for everyday use or a special occasion jewelry piece.

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