The Importance Of Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Online

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In recent years, the topic of Yoga-related injuries has been at the forefront of most online discussions. From fitness articles and blog posts, most of the information that you’ll read has something to do with staying safe from Yoga injuries. Likewise, it also emphasizes having a well-educated and experienced Yoga teacher to guide you safely during training.

So if you’re a Yoga teacher, you clearly understand the message of these articles and that is to continue pursuing education beyond the usual 200-hour teacher training.

Read more as we are going to tackle the importance of Yoga teacher continuing education online in today’s post.


Why Is Continuing Education For Yoga Teachers Necessary?

Understand Its Purpose

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According to experts, Yoga teachers should consider taking continuing classes and training in order to maintain high standards. Yoga teacher continuing education online serves various purposes which include: profession-wide updates regarding safe teaching, recent developments in informed practices, and integration of new research in body mechanics and physiology.

Aside from that, ongoing online training helps you comprehend ancient texts at a deeper level and expand your knowledge of the teacher’s role in imparting proper Yoga practices to students with a variety of age, experience, life conditions, injuries, and aftercare from trauma.


Continuing Education Opens The Door To Trauma Sensitivity

Trauma is everywhere. And through continuing education, teachers are provided with the necessary tools including touch, language, and perception so they’ll be able to communicate with students efficiently and “speak” to all the people in the class with a profound sense of grace, kindness, and maturity.

Overall, these tools shape a teacher’s capacity to become an effective instructor as teaching Yoga in the modern age requires a keen sensitivity to trauma.


Learning Biomechanics Through Continuing Education

Yoga teachers who take continuing online classes can understand kinesiology and biometrics even deeper. And through this, they were able to debunk and deconstruct most of what was previously taught so they can rebuild these trainings in a sustainable way according to modern standards.

Structural differences in the bodies of every student should be taken into consideration even if the discrepancies are slight. Yet, most teachers don’t really look into these differences when teaching Yoga. That’s why practicing instructors should enroll in an online class to be aware of these critical aspects.


The Benefits Of Teacher Online Training For Yoga Instructors

And finally, here are some of the reasons for enrolling in a Yoga teacher continuing education online:

  1. Taking classes are cheaper than enrolling in a face-to-face Yoga teacher training session – Online Yoga training for teachers cost around $1000 or less. In fact, you can even enroll in certain courses for just $500. And this is nothing compared to physical classes, which can range from $3000-$15000.
  2. No hidden cost involved – You’ll only pay a 1-time fee as opposed to factoring the cost of tuition, study materials, membership fees, and etc. that you’ll also have to pay when enrolling in a physical Yoga teacher training class.
  3. It provides flexibility of time as classes can be taken anytime you want.
  4. Important records can be kept for future references through a recording device.
  5. It’s eco-friendly because you only need to consume less on natural resources, and you don’t have to travel, which also reduces air pollution.

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