Proper Application Of Ru58841 Blossom Solution

application ru58841 solutions

If you happen to have your first bottle of Ru58841 solution and you want to know how to use it effectively, then look no further.

We suggest you continue reading this article as we will give you a clear idea of the proper application of Ru58841 Blossom solution on your head effectively. And apart from that, we are going to include some of our favorite methods of applying this product so you can get the best results while minimizing wastage as possible.

Rest assured we’ll try to explain it as clearly and as easy as we can you can take advantage of the hair loss treatment that you own right now.

Let’s begin…


A Side Note On Product Storage

But before anything else, let us inform you about the proper storage of the Ru58841 Blossom solution. In case you don’t know, 70% of the solution is made from ethanol, which evaporates at a very fast rate if the bottle is not re-capped immediately.

Likewise, it is also recommended to store the product inside the refrigerator as much as possible to maintain its chemical structure.  And if you can store it in the fridge, then place the Ru58841 bottle inside a bag or in any place away from direct sunlight.

This is necessary to prevent degradation and extend the usability window of the product.


Where It Should Be Applied?

Application of the Ru58841 Blossom product should be applied on 4 different sections on your head. To be specific, these sections are the front, the temple, the scalp, and other hair loss-prone areas.

Don’t pay too much attention to the areas above your ears as they are not usually known to have hair loss issues.


How It Should Be Applied?

ru58841 for hair loss

Take the dropper and load it with 1 ml of Ru58841 solution. Hold it gently using your index finger and thumb. Make sure not to squeeze the rubber tip to prevent the solution from dropping.

Then, point the dropper at the 4 sections indicated above in chronological order and tap the solution gently on the scalp. This is the best way of applying the product so you can accurately target the areas to be treated.

Start tapping the front part of your head, then moving to the temple, the scalp, and so on. Don’t let the solution flow on your head to prevent wastage. The entire process will take at least 3 minutes depending on the density of your hair.

If you’re a woman, we recommend partitioning your hair until you are able to apply the solution entirely on your scalp. And don’t forget to concentrate on the hair loss-prone areas to achieve optimal results.


Points To Remember:

  • The Ru58841 Blossom solution should be applied on your scalp and NOT on your hair. Otherwise, you’ll end up using more than you have too and still have poor results.
  • Don’t forget the replace the cap after the application to maintain product quality and store it properly according to the tips indicated above.
  • Wipe off any Ru58841 solution that might have flown through your back and on your face and wash your hands when you’re done.


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