All You Need To Know About Shoe Repair And Restoration

shoe repair restoration

With most of us getting into the habit of being more environmentally-friendly and spending wisely, the thought of throwing away our old shoes may already seem impractical. After all, why waste your money on a new pair if you can still salvage your slightly worn footwear, right? This is why more and more people are now considering the services of a cobbler or shoe repairer to restore their old shoes.

And if you’re about to visit a cobbler soon, then we suggest you continue reading as we are going to talk about the things you need to know about shoe repair and restoration in today’s post.


Have Your Shoes Repaired Or Buy A New Pair Instead?

Is it worth it to have your shoes repaired or should you buy new ones? If you really like your shoes, then you should consider repair as an option. And if by chance your shoes don’t fit or you have already outgrown the style, then go ahead and buy a fresh pair.

If the original price of your shoe is about $150, then it’s highly advised to explore the repair option first before throwing them away.

But since shoes aren’t that cheap, then it’s recommended considering the idea of having them repaired since you’ll be spending less, about a couple of hundred dollars less than what you’re supposed to pay for a new pair of footwear. This is especially true for dress shoes because you’ll get the same quality at a fraction of the price.


How Can A Shoe Repair Company Help You?

shoe repair company

Quality shoes are an excellent investment. And if you take care of them and have them repaired, your shoes can last for years. And there’s no better person to help you with your shoe repair needs than a cobbler as they can dye your shoe to make it look new again, even stretch it out if it feels tight already.

Not only that, as a talented shoe craftsman can also provide these other services for your favorite footwear:

  • Replace worn insoles and outsoles
  • Replace worn out heels
  • Replaces worn out straps
  • Fix and replace eyelets, embellishments, and buttons
  • Fix straps and linings
  • Remove scratches and shine worn out leather
  • Stretch shoes to increase size and comfort
  • Waterproofing to protect shoes from salt stains
  • Customize fit for those with the unique shape of feet


Average Pricing Of Shoe Repairs

An expert cobbler can do many things to repair and restore your shoes. The most common types of shoe repair services are listed below. And these rates are based on the average pricing you’ll find in most repair shops in the country. Do bear in mind that some shops may offer discounts based on the number of pairs to be repaired at one time.

  1. New heels – $30
  2. New soles – $35 to $40
  3. New heels and soles – $60 to $75
  4. Vibram rubber soles – $30 to $45
  5. Toe taps and heel (no recessed) – $10 to $15
  6. Indented toe taps – $25
  7. New insoles (leather) – $25 to $35
  8. New heel liners (leather) – $30
  9. Leather cleaning and reconditioning – $20
  10. Stretch width – $20
  11. Waterproofing or Scotchgard – $5

Shoe repairers are so good at saving your shoes that they can even repair dog-chewed leather shoes. Indeed, experienced cobblers are like magicians since they can recraft and repair fatal blemishes on your shoes as if they were not there in the first place.


How Long To Complete The Repair Process?

On the average, a cobbler should be able to repair your shoes in a week. But if in case you have more than one pair of shoes to be fixed at once, then expect to add a couple of days (or more), especially if you’re taking it to a commercialized repair shop since they are catering to a lot of customers as compared to a small operation.

However, certain services like polishing and non-indented taps can be finished within a few minutes.


Can Casual Shoes And Sneakers Be Repaired?

Shoe craftsmen will also repair sneakers and sports shoes. In fact, sneaker repair is becoming popular nowadays since people are fond of collecting sneakers from top sports shoe brands.

But because these types of shoes require more gluing and less in stitching, they are harder to repair. That’s why they cost more than repairing leather shoes.


Tips In Finding A Good Cobbler/Shoe Repairer

Always see to it that you choose a cobbler with tons of business in their nature of work. This way, you can be assured of the quality and they will always provide an honest assessment based on your needs so your shoes will turn out the way you want them to be.

Aside from that, we also suggest you ask your friends for recommendations or use Google to find the best cobbler within your area.

In addition, be sure to start a conversation with your chosen cobbler and ask them why they are recommending a particular service apart from what you want. If they can’t provide a straight answer, then it’s better to find another cobbler. And don’t hesitate to ask if they offer customization services as most shops will be more than willing to tweak your shoes according to your specifications so they will look good on your feet the moment you wear them.



All in all, shoe repair is a practical solution to save your wearable investment. Of course, the joy of buying new shoes is incomparable knowing how thrilling and exciting we are whenever we wear a new pair.  But you will still feel happy if someone will compliment you for wearing a “new” and fine-looking oxford or loafers knowing that you only spent 30 bucks to have them shined and restored.

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