The Things To Know If You Want To Become A Life Coach

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If you have a positive outlook in life, and you want to start a career of helping others unleash their full potential, then you can become a life coach. In fact, life coaching is becoming a sought-after support system in our society nowadays. And that’s why you’ll often see people posting their services on various social media channels to be a personal, professional, or spiritual advisor to others.

Are you interested in being a life coach?

If so, then we invite you to read further as we’ll tackle some of the crucial things you need to know if you want to become a life coach.

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Life Coaching Prerequisites

Although life coaching requires patience, unwavering commitment, extreme passion, and stellar listening skills, it is also a business decision. Sure, you may have what it takes to touch the lives of others, but how will you these services effectively and get paid while touching the lives of your clients? Here are some of the things you need to remember to ensure you are offering certified and legitimate life coaching services:

Determine Your Niche

If you want to build your reputation as a life coach, you have to determine a niche to specialize in first. Keep in mind there are 7 aspects in our lives and these are self, physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual aspects. And one way or the other, someone may be struggling with one or more of these aspects in their lives today that they need your help to overcome these challenges.

So try to figure out which aspect you think you’re best at. Most life coaches are offering services to help people with their personal, professional, or romantic lives while others dig deeper to influence positive changes to their client’s diet, nutrition, fitness, or spiritual needs.

Now it might be possible you’ll be touching on more than one aspect of your client’s life, but make sure to have an area of specialization so you’ll be able to find a market that requires your coaching service.

Get Certified

Coaching and offering advice to others can be done by anyone. So you need to have life coaching certification to be a cut above the rest.

Though there’s no law that requires life coaches to be certified similar to a doctor or lawyer, we still recommend it since 89% of coaching practitioners who are accredited by a coaching organization get more clients, according to a study. So if you want to have a competitive edge, you have to be certified before you practice.

Aside from that, being certified only shows you are legit. And as a result, people will turn to you for help because your certification gives them confidence that the services you’re offering are indeed effective.

Set Up Your Business

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Being a life coach also means starting a small business. So you have to set up your small business by doing what small business owners do like:

Registering Your BusinessDetermine the business entity type (sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC) of your life coach service first before registering. Unless you are self-employed (sole proprietorship), you are required to register your small business with the local government.

Plan The Startup Cost – Next, create a plan to address the startup cost, from the certification cost to the cost of outfitting and renting, assuming you’re going to meet clients in person. Fortunately, the cost of starting up your career without having a physical space is almost negligible.

Develop A Marketing Plan – Devise an effective marketing plan to target your market, be it in print, television ads, or social media.

Pricing Your Services – You also have to set pricing for the various life coaching services you’ll be offering. While it’s true that it can be hard to place a certain amount to help someone change their life. But nonetheless, you still have to do this because you are devoting your time to motivate others to make a positive change.

For some guidance, most professional life coaches charge somewhere between $75/hour to $1000/hour (for a top-caliber life coach). But the price you set can also be per session or per package depending on the life coaching services you offer.


Create A Digital Domain

Regardless if you’re business is physical or digital, it’s important to create a website. And this is especially true since most (if not, all) people are already using the internet to search for almost anything. Aside from that, you’ll also need to invest in a decent desktop or laptop so you can conduct sessions online and a camera for recording videos and taking pictures.

Furthermore, it may be helpful to build your coaching brand by offering online content that ‘gives a glimpse’ about the kind of life coaching services you provide. You can search the internet on how to make online content on how to groom your target clients to enter into the purchase-consideration mindset.


Figure Out How You’ll Be Working With Your Clients

Lastly, continue to refine your approach on how to work with your clients and establish the type of life coaching services you’ll offer. We suggest you categorize your services based on levels, areas of focus, and packages so your clients will have many options to choose from.

You can start by offering various packages like a Breakthrough session for 30 minutes, a 90-minute Quick Start session, and a 50-minute Transformation for 12 sessions.

(Note: The prices of these packages will depend on you.)

Keep in mind that different people have different needs in terms of the life coaching they want to get. So it’s important to talk to the client in order to develop an action plan that truly works for them.

Customization is the key since you’ll be dealing with different personalities. But see to it that they’re really looking for a life coach because if they’re looking for something beyond what you can offer, then the coaching will be ineffective. Other than that, you need to set clear goals before starting out.

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