Why You Should Join a Women’s Networking Group

why join womens network groups

Networking is very important for individuals in the society, it provides an avenue to meet with and interact with people. When you form networks with people, you are open to finding common ground with one person or the other, be innovative together and even kick start great relationships with people. For businesswomen, sometimes it may get tedious – balancing your career and trying to meet people. You probably never have the time and it may even happen that your kids would try to match make you with another female all in a bid to give your social life a start. Joining a networking group is one way to start being social, for starters it will help your kids get off your back for a minute.

Reasons Why You Should Join a Women’s Networking Group

professional womens network

The question that is most frequently asked is why joining a networking group is a great idea and what the point really is. Well if you have read up to this junction, you should have an idea of one of the many benefits and no I am not talking about getting your kids off your back, although that is a plus, I’m talking about the fact that it is a socially healthy thing to do. Below I will outline some of the advantages of joining a women’s networking group for you – take a look;

1. Sharing: You get to share whatever it is, ideas, success stories, and bond over similar experiences. The chances of getting an “oh that happened to me too” moment are extremely high and it leaves you with a good feeling. With an avenue provided for you all to share, there is also that little space that is always open for you to receive honest opinions about one thing that has been going through your mind or the other.

2. Confidence booster: You might not understand how being a part of a networking group can help boost your confidence, but it does. You are surrounded by people who genuinely understand you and you are surrounded by people who accept you the way you are. Little by little, without you even knowing it – your level of confidence will go up a notch. Because when you are doing it right, they tell you and when you are doing it wrong, they also inform you. It is like a community of sisters.

3. You can find a Mentor: This might seem pretty inferior to what you feel you need but let us face it, we all need someone to mentor us as some points in our lives. A person we can just run to for advice and get it as soon as we need it. In a women’s network group, you will find friendship and family, you will also find mentorship. There will be that one person that you so much revere and that will be willing to be your mentor.

Some people misread the purpose of women’s networking groups a whole lot. It is true that you can seek to build your business through this means and make connections here and there but the main purpose is to build a family. The fact that most think it is all about making connections has made it difficult for some others to join because they feel intimidated by the rankings of others. Networking is a healthy way to build up a relationship with likeminded people and it is certainly something you will not regret.

If you’re looking for a professional women’s network group, kindly follow the link to visit Six Degrees Society’s website.

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