How Aluminum Auto Body Repair Revolutionized The Automotive Body Industry

aluminum auto body repair revolutionized automotive body industry

Recent studies suggest that the automotive body industry will go through a major transformation in the next 10 years or so. And with that being said, it is expected that aluminum will become the primary component of car (and pickup trucks) exteriors in replacement to steel. And this is just one of the many promising changes that will happen in the not so distant future, which can also affect the auto repair industry.

Learn more as we are going to discuss how aluminum auto body repair has revolutionized the automotive body industry.


Why A Sudden Switch To Aluminum?

sudden switch aluminum auto body repair revolutionized automotive body industry

Is the process of aluminum auto body repair perfect? Not really. However, it is improving. And we owe it all to Ford when they introduced the aluminum F-150 to the consumer market in later 2014.

But even before that, there was already a growing interest in the auto industry for the development of aluminum-based technology for energy efficiency. And in addition to that, tighter emission regulations forced the industry to embrace these changes.

Aluminum-based sheets for auto body are lighter as compared to steel. And studies have shown that it can make a vehicle more fuel efficient as the overall bodyweight of the car truck is reduced.

And while repairs involving aluminum is not yet a common practice, auto repair shops are slowly honing their craft so they’ll be able to handle aluminum repair jobs more frequently.


How Will It Affect Auto Consumers?

future aluminum bodies aluminum auto body repair revolutionized automotive body industryAccording to experts, most pickup trucks are expected to have aluminum bodies by the year 2025. And this is due to the fact that car manufacturers will undergo a large-scale movement towards the production of aluminum-based car bodies, which can also result in an increase in manufacturing cost.

Now this can also lead to the rise in purchasing the cost as well as the cost of repairs as car repair shops will also have to specialize in aluminum auto body repair to meet the demands of the market. In other words, aluminum body repairs are quite expensive at this point in time. But eventually, the price is expected to normalize as the future is inevitably geared towards aluminum-based auto bodies.

Overall, such a trend is not expected to materialize at this moment as the availability of aluminum is not yet enough for car body manufacturing.


Final Thoughts

Aluminum auto body repair may not yet be as common in today’s industry standards, but the future is definitely bright for this procedure as the change in aluminum body technology is coming.

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