How To Appraise The Value Of Antique Collectibles

Most of us own heirloom items at home. And some of these things can be classified as antiques. But how will you be able to know if a certain family item is worth more than its sentimental value?

If you’re interested to know more, then we suggest you continue reading this entry as we are going to share some tips on how to appraise the value of antique collectibles that you own and give the right price once you decide to sell it.


Gather More Information About Your Antique Item

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First off, establish baseline knowledge about the collectible that you own. You can start by asking your parents or grandparents about how they came to own the item as the value of the item will appreciate if it was previously owned by a prominent person, historical figure, etc. and ask for some of the details they know about the antique that you have. Then, do a research by going through some books and guides about antique collectibles and see the information you have gathered will coincide with the information given in the reference books.

To be specific, here are the details you need to find out:

  • Style of the antique
  • Material used
  • When it was originally manufactured
  • Who made it
  • Quantity of the items made (if it is mass-produced)


Visit Some Antique Shops In Your Area

Look for collectibles similar to the antique that you own and inspect for any differences in the condition, material, style, and the maker and find out how much the price the store owner is trying to sell it for.

Don’t ask the store owner for an appraisal of your item unless you intend to sell it to them. This is considered unethical and something that conflicts their interest as an antique seller.


Gather More Details By Visiting Auction Sites

Don’t hesitate to check out eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon as they can also give you an idea on the price of recently sold items that are similar to what you own. Just keep in mind that these sites tend to set the price on the low end to gain a competitive advantage. So we recommend that you use them only as a reference for getting a reasonable price estimate.


Look For Dealers And Collector Clubs Over The Internet

And finally, use your social media account to locate for dealers and collector clubs and sign up with them so they can help appraise your antique collectibles. The members of these groups are more than willing to answer your questions for free, while some may do a formal appraisal with a charge. Just make sure to send detailed pictures of the item that you own so they can help set the right value.

Joining online clubs of antique collectors is a good way of communicating with other dealers so you can have an idea of the sell-ability of your item as well as what antiques are currently selling and their values. And if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to sell your antique collectible on the spot.

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