The 3 Basic Elements Of Streetwear Fashion

3 basic elements streetwear fashion

The term “streetwear” is very common in the fashion world. And this style actually refers to a youthful and unique kind of dressing up that is heavily influenced by the sneaker and skate culture in New York and California.

Today, streetwear fashion is a force to be reckoned with. And we’ll get to know more about this distinctive and iconic clothing genre as we tackle the 3 basic elements of streetwear fashion in today’s entry.


Origins Of Streetwear

origin 3 basic elements streetwear fashion

Streetwear can be traced back in the 1980s when a Laguna Beach surfer named Shaun Stussy made hi

s DIY shirt with his trademark signature at the back of his vehicle. This design approach has then emerged into ‘Stussy’, which considered as one of the pioneering streetwear brands.

Comfort and functionality are the 2 main features of streetwear clothing and apparel.

Eventually, the notoriety of the brand has influenced other designers to put up their own streetwear brands in the late 90s. And because of this, streetwear fashion has emerged as a style staple and an urban movement among the youth.


The 3 Main Elements Of Street Style

What’s great about streetwear style is it combines various bits and pieces from other styles like punk, hip-hop, and etc. So if you want to adopt into streetwear, here are the 3 main elements that you need to remember:



These are must-have apparels in different streetwear cultures around the world. T-shirts can be worn as:

  • Plain to be worn as undershirts with jackets or baggy/loose-fitted shirts to emphasize a particular color of the shirt. Likewise, black and white are usually preferred colors of plain shirts.
  • Printed to showcase artwork, slogan, statement, graffiti and other types of prints.


Jeans And Joggers

These are staple bottom wears in street style. You can choose from many designs like ripped jeans, washed out denims, skinny, tapered, and denim shorts with fringed or shredded edges for teen girls.

As for joggers, a drop crotch baggy jogger is very popular among male youngsters while leggings are usually worn by female streetwear aficionados.




And last and probably the most important element is by wearing the most important sneakers that you can find. In fact, this can be considered as the most defining element as you can still look stylish even if you’re wearing plain shirt and jeans so as long as you are wearing the flashiest shoes like Yeezys and Air Jordans that you can find.


Complementary Elements

In addition to the 3 basic elements in streetwear fashion, you can also wear any of these clothes and accessories as long as it goes well with the street style that you want to pull off:

  • Casual jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Beanies
  • Baseball caps
  • Dad hats
  • Bandanas
  • Sweatshirts

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