Advantages Of Using A Bathroom Mobile Phone Holder

bathroom mobile phone holder advantages

It’s a fact that mobile phones are part of our daily lives these days. In fact, we use them very often that we can’t even avoid bringing these devices inside the bathroom. And even if there are a lot of online articles about not bringing your phone to the bathroom or toilet, there are still more and more people who are in the habit of doing this.

So to prevent your phones from getting wet, or worse, getting damaged the only answer to these situations is to install a mobile phone holder for bathroom. And if you want to know more about the advantages of having cellphone holders in your showers, then read on…

You Can Still Use Your Phone While Doing Your Daily Bathroom Routine

The good thing about having a mobile phone holder for the bathroom is that you can still make calls (provided, it’s on speakerphone), read messages, listen to music, and watch videos while doing your thing in the toilet or taking a shower. In short, you can still take advantage of your phone’s primary functions even if you’re not holding it.

Prevent Your Mobile Devices From Getting Wet

There’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of getting your phone wet because of slip-offs. So to prevent these from happening, it’s always recommended that you place your phone in a safe location. And nothing can be much safer than putting it inside a wall mounted cell phone holder as the suctions of these products are made of solid materials to ensure a strong firm grip.

So once these gadgets are attached to your shower room walls, you can be assured that no slippage will happen that will cause your phone to get wet and damage the internal parts in the process.

You Can Still Make Calls Even If The Phone Is Inside The Holder Case

Another great thing that you can benefit from having a bathroom cellphone holder is that you can still make or receive calls even if it’s placed inside the holder case. Although the holder is made of sturdy plastic (sometimes, stainless steel), it won’t ruin the reception or the signal of your mobile phone so you can talk to your friends and loved ones even if you take a bath.

Prevent Your Phones From Accumulating Germs After Pooping

deadly bacteria

Our phones are now considered as one of the most touched things second only to doorknobs. And you know what comes next – germs! In fact, we can’t avoid our phones from attracting microbes, but at least we can minimize the spread of bacteria just by placing these devices in mobile phone holder for bathroom before taking a poop.

To be specific, doing this simple thing allows us to be free from exposure of fecal pathogens such as E.coli (one of the leading causes of UTI), staph infection-causing bacteria, and Acinetobacter (a harmful pathogen that causes respiratory tract infection) because you can use your phone before and after dropping a log in your toilet bowl and still have time to wash your hands before touching your device again.

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