How The Big Quiz Thing Trivia Can Make Your Employees Smarter?

big quiz thing trivia make employees smarter

We love watching trivia game shows. In fact, most of us are glued to our tubes whenever “Deal Or No Deal”, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, and “Wheel Of Fortune” is aired because we want to test our wits while getting entertained at the same time. Indeed, we are fascinated by these shows because it gives us the opportunity to learn while having fun at the same time.

And speaking about trivia game shows, The Big Quiz Thing (BQT) also follows the same concept of “test and tickle” but with a nicer twist as you can actually have this game in parties, personal, and corporate occasions like team buildings, trade shows, and product launches. Now this will be a great way to test your wits and have a great time with your colleagues.

But did you know that this game can offer more than just pure entertainment? In fact, it can be a way to unlock the true potential of your employees’ minds and improve creativity and enhance mental performance.

Wanna know how? Then stay tuned as we are going to discuss how The Big Quiz Thing Trivia can make your employees smarter in today’s blog post.

promoting productivity big quiz thing trivia make employees smarter


A Wise Strategy For Promoting Productivity Among Your Workforce

Research suggests that participating in trivia games or at least being engaged at a certain level can actually stimulate the brain to boost its cognitive and creative functions. And that’s the reason why such games like The Big Quiz Thing Trivia are recommended during corporate occasions.

So here are some of the reasons why BQT can make your employees smarter and inspire breakthrough thinking:


BQT Encourages Mental Development Through Asymmetric Thinking

The Big Quiz Thing actually helps in improving your employees’ cognitive skills by inspiring unexplored thought patterns and push the brain to work harder, thereby causing greater neuroplasticity which also generates better problem-solving, creativity, and innovation capabilities.


Improved Learning Through Transformational Play 

With this process, the participating employees will be able to shift into being more receptive and alert to useful information, thus also exercising their brain to be more open to acquiring new knowledge.


BQT Builds Strong Camaraderie 

BQT can be used as a unique model for communication and social interaction by sharing common knowledge while playing. And as a result, it builds a strong community within the workplace.


A Way To Exercise Memory 

Trivia games like The Big Quiz Thing enables your employees to access the memory recall systems in their brains and therefore increasing their accessible intelligence at the same time.


Better Understanding Through Concept Information

And finally, The Big Quiz Thing corporate trivia game also assists in concept information by asking targeted pieces of information and allowing the participants to connect previous thoughts and ideas to have and gain a better understanding.


Want your employees to be smarter while having fun? Then find out more at and find out how you can have this unique kind of entertainment on your corporate events.

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