Tips In Selecting The Right Custom Shirts Printing Company

custom shirt printing company

Are you thinking of printing a custom shirt to commemorate an event, to wear at a family reunion, or to simply express your individuality? That’s great! Then the next thing you have to do after conceptualizing the design is to choose a custom t shirt company to print it.

But how can you know which is the right custom shirts printing company to go to? What are the things you need to consider to know that you are hiring the right people to do this job for you? If you are still in a blur with this idea then we suggest that you keep reading as we are going to discuss more about this topic here.

Know The Specifics And This Will Give You An Idea Of The Kind Of Printing Service That You Need

customized designs shirts
To start things off, we recommend you to make a checklist of your exact printing requirements. And as much as possible, be specific of the things that you need to print your custom shirts. These details might include the following:

  • Quantity of shirts
  • Type of apparel
  • Range of sizes
  • Printing techniques to be used
  • Payment and delivery policy
  • And so on…

Now let us look closely on each of these details below:

How Many Shirts Do You Require?

Next is to determine the quantity of the shirts that you need. This is also important as some companies will only customize shirts in bulk. And don’t forget to inquire your prospect if they accept small quantity orders (say, 25 shirts) because some printing press will only take orders if the shirts reach a certain number usually, 50 shirts or more.

What Types Of Apparel Do You Want?

You also need to consider on the type of apparel to be used as well the quality of the fabrics if you want it to be printed on a round neck, v-neck, or collared tee and if you prefer to have it printed on a shirt with a thin or thick fabric.

What Are The Sizes Of The Shirts To Be Ordered?

Take note, this is also a crucial aspect of your decision-making as custom tees are to be made in different sizes to accommodate the body types of every wearer. So ask the company if they have available sizes from S to XXXL.printing design custom shirt printing company

How Intricate Are The Design And Graphics?

Another point of consideration is the intricacy of the design and the graphics to be used as some designs can only be done through certain printing techniques. Moreover, you also have to be mindful of the colors used as the more colors involved in the design, the time it needs for every custom print to be produced. And not to mention, you have to pay more considering there are more paints to be used in the process.

What Are The Company’s Policy Regarding Payment And Delivery?

And lastly, you also need to determine the custom shirts company’s policy regarding payment and delivery so you can prepare the needed down payment to begin the printing process as well as giving you an idea of the turnaround time once the shirt printing is completed.

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