The eCommerce Fulfillment Trends To Expect In The 2nd Half Of 2020

ecommerce fulfillment trends

The unexpected turn of events that happened at the start of 2020 has brought drastic changes not only to the way we live but also in the way we do business. In fact, the ripple effect bought about by the coronavirus has even reached the logistics and fulfillment industry in such a way that they satisfy the sudden influx if customer’s orders despite the massive disruption in the supply chain.

With this in mind, experts in the industry are already examining the key eCommerce fulfillment trends to expect in the 2nd half of this year and how eCommerce businesses are reshaping their operations to respond effectively to the accelerated changes that are happening all around the world today.


A Sudden Shift In Massive Online Transactions

Whether it’s a matter of choice or not, most people are engaging in online transactions nowadays due to the ongoing health crisis. In fact, a significant number of people everywhere are already making their essential purchases online out of the fear of being infected with COVID-19. And this consumer behavior will continue to prevail unless a vaccine for the coronavirus is already available to the public.


Luxury Items Out, Essential Items In

online transactions

The current pandemic has forced everybody to be mindful of their spending. And talking about the consumer’s spending habits, people are becoming more practical (at least for the foreseeable future) and will rather spend on the NEEDS MORE THAN THEIR WANTS. In other words, consumers tend to set aside their luxury purchases for now and give way to essential stuff to sustain their needs and their family’s needs.


Ethical eCommerce

The COVID-19 pandemic also became an eye-opener in the way the environment is affected through their consumption and thus making it as one of the main eCommerce fulfillment trends that will re-shape the later part of this year. To be specific, people will now pursue environment-friendly and ethically sound products over other items as they are more sustainable and will produce less carbon footprint.

So eCommerce companies need to implement sustainable practices and offer environment-friendly products to maintain a competitive edge over their counterparts.


Price Sensitivity

And finally on this list of eCommerce fulfillment trends to expect at the 2nd half of 2020 has something to do with practical yet competitive pricing.

As we all can agree, the likelihood of greater economic uncertainty is looming. And from a business owner’s standpoint, the risk of halting operations until the pandemic is over is very possible. To be honest, you can’t afford and will not allow that to happen since you belong to an ‘essential industry’.

So you need to steer your business in the direction where you can still provide customer satisfaction while continuing to earn revenues at the same time. And this can be done by:

  • Setting a good product pricing in such a way that is affordable to the customer but you can still earn a profit (even if it’s just a little).
  • Focus your efforts on Customer Loyalty as returning customers can translate to continuous earnings.
  • Talk with your suppliers and arrange for a workaround of supplying goods while facing the supply chain disruption at this period of the pandemic.
  • Find a way to shorten delivery time to maintain customer satisfaction.


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