The 5 Uniquely Healthy Food Places in Branson

uniquely healthy food places branson

Your trip to Missouri must include having a bite (or two!) at the best and uniquely healthy food places in Branson. Aside from their amazing tourist spots and breathtaking views, their food happened to be notable for your entire experience in the city. Let’s take a look at a few of their most popular restaurants for health enthusiasts.


Five Healthy Food Places in Branson: Must-Try

Vasken’s Deli

A quick bite or To-go? No problemo!

Pick from all the great vegan options you can find in Vasken’s Deli. You can even order almost any drink under $20. They’re affordable, but they’re not cheap when it comes to cooking standards. They do serve meals with meat with the same delicious taste. But then, of course, if you’re opting for the healthy food type, you can always ask the staff to have the kitchen cook up something for you.


The Keeter Center

Healthy American food? Ahuh! We have just the place.

The Keeter Center is some wonderful place that you surely shouldn’t miss while in Branson. This restaurant is not exactly hidden, but you can find it only when you visit the College of the Ozarks. Don’t forget to make a side-trip to this award-winning hotel and restaurant. Just three miles from downtown Branson, make your way to this dining point with wide options on their healthy menu, and an awfully scenic view of the beautiful land. It’s not something you can afford to miss.


Revive Juice Co.

The Revive Juice Co is a locally-owned and operated cafe in the Branson community. Aside from the excellently warm staff, the atmosphere becomes lighter because of their naturally healthy fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and smoothie bowls. The comfort and tastiness make it one of the best places to eat in Branson. They’re quite pricey, compared to other community shops, but they’re certainly utilizing only the quality local ingredients in all of their products. Have a blast! 


Botanas Restaurant and Bar

This contemporary Mexican cuisine restaurant in Branson Theatre District is surprisingly serving meat and veggie options to their customers. Imagine a Mexican food place serving healthy food! Are you just as intrigued? I can only bet you are! Satisfy your taste buds with  Botanas Restaurant and Bar’s entirely appealing food options. Their vegetable chimichanga has a perfectly golden-brown crust, and authentic Mex tastes inside that you simply can’t resist. I can’t ask you to have a beer, but if they had a healthy option for that, too, you must surely take it!


freddys uniquely healthy food places branson


Another must-taste food place in Branson is Freddy’s! The Veggie Burger is downright satisfying! Pair it with onion rings, and you’ll surely have a grateful tummy. Who said that burgers are traitorous food for your body? Well, at Freddy’s, you can request for a customized healthy burger recipe that will not betray your trust. Yep, all their food is cooked-to-order. They’re a little up with the prices, but the food experience is priceless, nonetheless.


Things You shouldn’t Miss in Branson

Prepare to fill your stomach with all the luscious healthy food places in Branson. You don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyle, but there are things you just shouldn’t miss. Most especially when you’re on vacation with family and loved ones. Good food makes the experience more fun and exciting. Enjoy it, and remember it.

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