Human Growth Hormone Facts

human growth hormone facts

Human Growth Hormone is a hormone in both men and women, which is essential in the growth of your internal organs, tissues, ligaments and bones as you age. HGH is very important, especially to adolescents.

Growth hormones are naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland in large amounts depending on age and body structure.

Growth hormone can be an effective tool for builders in increasing the size and strength they could pack in a given amount of time. This is achieved through ingesting HGH supplements that will have your muscle density growing.

An excess of HGH stimulates the liver to produce another hormone known as IGF-1. This hormone is naturally secreted by the body in small amounts to help in growth. HGH supplements will stimulate an excess of IGF-1 passing overgrowth to muscle tissue.

Factors to consider while looking for an HGH Supplement

With all the products online used to add strength and size, HGH supplements require a number of things to consider before getting the supplements.

  1. Good Pituitary Stimulation– it is most essential to check if the HGH supplement comprises active ingredients that promote stimulation in the pituitary gland.
  2. Aids Good Sleep– a good night’s sleep is a major aspect of growth. The most effective HGH supplements will be taken before sleep due to the same reason.
  3. Good Chromium Supply – chromium helps the IGF pathway.
  4. Hawthorn Berry – the berry is not known for its effect in human growth hormone stimulation but it will ensure a proper blood flow. It is important for people with heart conditions and for a healthy lifestyle.

HGH is best effective when taken during resting periods. Most people will take the supplements through hard training weeks and to some extent, this could work but taking the supplements during long periods of rest helps the body regain way faster. It is also advisable to take the supplements prior to sleep to ensure that you maximize on the gains of HGH supplements.

body building hgh

One of the advantages of taking HGH supplements is that they have little or no side effects, mostly because the best supplements are made from natural sources.

In regards to bodybuilders, the best choice of human growth hormone supplement is those that contain the most amino acids. Amino acids have proved to work on improving size and strength. However, supplements containing ingredients promoting better blood flow are the better fit for those with a cardio goal.

Understanding the role of an HGH supplement in your workout program is crucial in determining the specific supplements to use. Most supplements will contain most of the same ingredients but some will vary according to companies’ preference for certain ingredients. The dosage also contrasts depending on the product.

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