IV Vitamin Therapy To Reverse Skin Aging – Is it Really Effective?

iv therapy skin aging

Vitamin drip is an “in” thing nowadays especially, to celebrities. That’s why most women are willing to undergo this method and receive the same health benefits that these Hollywood A-listers are getting.

But how good is intravenous vitamin treatment particularly in reversing the effects of skin aging? Is it a worth-it approach to bring back the youthful glow of your skin? Get to know more about this as we are going to take a look at the role of IV vitamin therapy to reverse skin aging in today’s entry.

Overview Of Intravenous Injections As An Anti-Aging Trend

Most doctors, medical experts, and anti-aging doctors in Ft. Lauderdale agree that Intravenous Vitamin Therapy or IVT is the most effective way of delivering nutrients to the body as it is introduced directly to the bloodstream. The vitamin cocktail may contain different kinds of nutrients, but what is certain is that the process of injecting this fluid will promote somewhat similar health benefits to the body such as reducing fatigue, boosting the immune system, detoxification, losing weight, and more importantly rejuvenating the skin.

To be specific, vitamin C is thought to be the main component to bring back the youthful glow of the skin.

Trivia: The concept of IVT was rediscovered some 30 years ago when Dr. John Myers, a physician from Baltimore invented the Myer’s cocktail – an intravenous fluid that contained a mixture of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, and vitamin C nutrients.

Since then, the injection of this fluid has been used by many celebrities like Rihanna, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, and Simon Cowell with some customization according to their needs (and wants). Likewise, establishments called “Drip Bars” have sprung all over the country to cater to clients who want to take advantage of IV vitamin therapy.

Primary Vitamin Components To Exude A Healthier, Youthful Of The Skin And Other Benefits

As previously mentioned, vitamin drips are now concocted based on the client’s nutritional needs and preference. In fact, you can even go to a drip bar now and try out a detox drip if you want to cure your hangover or inject a libido-increasing drip if you wish to spend an exciting night with your partner.

But most IV drips that are meant for skin rejuvenation often contain these vitamin components:

  • Essential Amino Acids (known to promote beautiful skin and also nourish the hair and nails)
  • EDTA (a synthetic amino acid that is known to increase the blood flow and reduce varicose veins)
  • Vitamin B (an antioxidant that is known to even out the skin tone and heals damaged complexion)
  • Vitamin C (known to increase the skin’s elasticity, improve the skin’s resistance to harmful UV rays, and restores back the skin’s youthful glow once it the supply of Vitamin C in the epidermal layer is replenished).

These are the nutrients you need to promote young-looking skin.

Furthermore, most IV vitamin therapy drips have beneficial effects to the mind and body specifically in battling anxiety, depression, and prevention of chronic ailments like heart disease, poor blood circulation, digestive disorders, candida infections, arthritis, and certain cancers.

What’s It Like Undergoing IVT

The process is like bloodletting, and the sensation is quite similar as well. But before the therapy, the doctors will usually take your blood pressure (before and after) to ensure a normal blood flow. Once done, the needle will be inserted into your vein and let the drip do its magic, which usually takes about 45 minutes or less.

According to medical experts, it may take some time for the nutrients to circulate through your system, so don’t expect to see instant results. But rest assured you will notice positive changes after 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Interested in trying IV vitamin therapy to look younger than your age? Then include this treatment in your skin-care routine today and restore your skin to its youthful state.

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