Meal Kit Delivery: Know The Facts

meal kit delivery facts

In 2016, 27% of internet users are purchasing meals kits online. And this number is expected to grow as more and more people into meal kit delivery services nowadays because the trend offers an innovative means of consuming healthy foods without spending more time on the preparation.

But are you aware that there are more meal kit benefits you can get aside from saving time and money? If you are interested to know more about this then we recommend that you go on reading as we are going to tackle more about this in this entry.

Perfect Portions All The Time

Meal kit companies always make sure that each meal is pre-measured and portion-ready. And they are so keen into this aspect since most of us are notorious for overeating.

While some services give heartier portions, they still count the calories based on the portions that you order. So if you’re a type of person who is struggling to get the perfect portions, these meal kits will help.

Easy Healthy Cooking

easy healthy cooking

Cooking healthy meals can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with a busy schedule for most of the time. So even if you have intentions of preparing food that is equally delicious and nutritious, you end cooking frozen options or order takeout meals instead.

This won’t be an issue with meal kits as you can order healthy meals such as low-carb, low-fat, paleo, and gluten-free without sacrificing the flavor of the food.

Less Waste Produced

When you cook your own meal at home, you will find that not all of the ingredients will be used. For example, when a recipe needs only half of an onion and you have a whole one, then chances are you are going to discard the other half (unless of course, if there’s another recipe to cook that requires another half of an onion).

But with meal kits, all the ingredients are curated, pre-measured, and perfectly portioned before delivery. So less food waste is produced and all you need to do is toss em’ up to the pan to cook it.

Gives You Access To Ingredients That Cannot Be Obtained Locally

fresh local ingredients

This is especially true when you order a meal with a fancy-sounding name as the ingredients in this kit are usually not found in your local store. Meal kits not only offer variety, but it also allows you to try fresh and healthy ingredients that are not always accessible to you.

Practical Savings

The truth is, you can actually save more just by ordering a meal kit delivery because:

  1. It saves you from all the costs you have to spend in buying the ingredients at the store (not to mention the gas money).
  2. You save money by not buying excess ingredients that will only be thrown in the trash can later on.
  3. You save time on weekly recipe planning because meal kit companies will take care of this for you.

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