How to Prevent Your Ear Piercing From Getting Infected

Ear piercings are a very old form of body modification which dates back to earlier than 2000BC, and they are very common among both men and women.

There are many reasons why people get ear piercings including for beauty and aesthetic reasons. What is not so beautiful though are red, swollen and painful earlobes filed with oozing pus, and that is exactly what you will get if you get if your ear piercing becomes infected. You may even get some lacerations, a fever and an upset stomach – it’s that serious.

If that ghastly image just made you uneasy, you may be wondering how to prevent an ear piercing infection, well, here’s how.

Get It Done By a Pro

A significant contributing factor to ear piercing infections is dirt and the wrong piercing procedure, therefore, you should make sure to get your piercings done at a proper piercing place. A properly set-up shop will be regulated and it will have sterile equipment. The piercing will be undertaken by a pro who knows what they are doing. Go to a trusted piercing shop instead of going to the mall to get your ears pierced (just watch the video above).

A proper shop will have an antibacterial soap or cream for your ears before they are pierced, and the person doing the piercings should be wearing a new pair of gloves specifically for your piercing, or they should at least have washed their hands well before getting to work.

Stick to Genuine Bits of Jewelry


A large number of infections are caused by using the wrong earrings. The piercing procedure may be done correctly and safely but your choice of earrings may be your demise.

Cheaply made earrings are usually made of highly reactive materials that may cause allergic reactions and infection. You should aim to get surgical studs or earrings that have gold posts especially right after getting pierced because this is when the ears are highly susceptible to infection. Gold is an unreactive element and so it will not interfere with your ears’ healing process.

The Correct Care Kit

Make sure you have a handy cleaning kit for the post-piercing cleaning process. The kit should consist:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Antibacterial ointment

Correct Aftercare

Clean your ears twice daily by washing them with antibacterial soap and applying the ointment to the piercings using the cotton swabs, taking care to remove any crusting. You should also rotate the earrings two to three times daily, and this can be done during the cleaning process.

Getting ear piercings is a responsibility, and if you are responsible and take the time to take care of your newly pierced ears, you should be able to beat a piercing infection seamlessly.

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