Proper Landscaping With Synthetic Turf

proper landscaping synthetic turf

Without a doubt, artificial grass offers many benefits for gardens, home yards, golf courses, and other types of sports fields. And while it was initially manufactured for commercial use when it was first installed in Houston Stadium in 1966, artificial grass managed to win the hearts of average homeowners and became a popular option for having a pristine-looking lawn.

So if you are looking to have artificial grass installed in your garden or front yard, then we invite you to continue reading as we are going to share some details about proper landscaping with synthetic turf in today’s blog entry.


Installation Guidelines

installation guides proper landscaping synthetic turf

The installation of synthetic turf usually depends upon the brand of artificial grass you have chosen. Before doing the actual installation, we advise that you measure the area that is to be covered with artificial turf. This will give you an idea of how much synthetic grass you will need and a way to prepare for any pre-cut sections on certain areas in your landscape.


Cost Considerations

The price of artificial turf will also depend on your budget, the amount you will need, the materials used in the installation. When installing the turf on your own, the synthetic grass is sold per square foot at $2-$10. On the other hand, if you are hiring someone to do the installation, then the price per square foot will increase to $5-$30 plus service charge.

However, artificial grass can be bought on sale and you can even get a discount for large landscaping projects.



The most obvious perk of using synthetic grass is the aesthetic appeal. And regardless if you are residing in an urban area or a rural community, maintaining your lawn won’t be an issue anymore.

Another benefit is there is little to no maintenance required and you won’t have to do any watering. And as a result, you will save on your monthly water bills as well. Likewise, you won’t have to spend money on fertilizers and maintenance equipment.

Moreover, the use of artificial turf is also environmentally safe. So there’s no need to worry about harming the environment in your surrounding landscape.


Practical Landscaping Ideas

Lastly, here are some of our recommended landscaping ideas that we can recommend using synthetic turf:

  1. Artificial grass can be installed in the backyard to create an outdoor dining area for weekend family gatherings and casual occasions.
  2. It can also be installed in areas where the outdoor kitchen and entertainment space are found as synthetic grass serves as a perfect accompaniment for these places outside the house.
  3. Installing artificial turf on your patio, deck, and porch is highly recommended for those who own pets.

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