Sales Jobs: The Things You Need To Know Before Taking One

Sales is a competitive industry. So it pays to know about knowing some details before jumping into a job as a salesman or saleswoman. If you happen to stumble upon this guide, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read more as we are going to tackle this topic about having a sales job profession and learn about the things you need to know before starting a career in sales.


The Key Takeaways

First off, the reality of having a sales job is that most people don’t really know what it’s all about. In fact, you don’t learn much about this career in school because most universities are focused on teaching more about Accounting, Science, Finance, Engineering, etc.

The fact of the matter is: schools don’t teach much about sales because it’s a skill-based endeavor. And without further ado, these are some of the things you have to learn through actual experience.

But just to give you a head start on this matter, here are the things you need to know about sales job before even taking that job:

  1. Sales Is Versatile – There are only a few degrees that allow you to make 7-figure earnings. But that won’t be a problem with sales, because even if you have a bachelor’s degree that is totally ‘random’ like English or History, that won’t be a hindrance for you to earn 7-figures as long as you are hardworking and dedicated with your work.

And it doesn’t even matter if your personality is introverted or extroverted because having a successful career in sales doesn’t really depend on this stereotype as some people would think.

  1. Acquiring These Skills Makes You A Winner – Contrary to popular belief, being a salesman or saleswoman is not just about talking your way to impress prospects for you have to acquire this skill set so you can be successful in your sales career:

– You have to be a great listener to know about what the customer’s WANTS and NEEDS.

– You got to have a high EQ (emotional intelligence) and have to ability to empathize so you’ll be able to understand the customer’s situation and provide a product or service that has VALUE.

– You have to be intuitive so you’ll be able to discern people’s reactions (both positive and negative) and respond according to the reactions you have observed.

– You have to brave enough to dig deeper into the customer’s issues so you’ll be able to develop the best solution.

– You have to be strong enough to accept rejections at any point and move forward.

It’s not just about making an impression because what matters is building a relationship with the customers and winning their trust.

  1. Don’t Focus On Saying Things That The Customer Wants To Hear – When dealing with potential customers, many salespersons would obviously attempt to say anything just to make a deal. But the truth is it only drives the potential customer away from your end goal. And you should not do this because:

– You will only sound “fake” and insincere.

– You unintentionally make the potential customer feel like you’re just playing with their intelligence.

– You may oversell things that can disappoint the customer and ruin their experience once they decide to avail of the product or service you are selling. And as a result, it may take a toll on your reputation as a salesperson through negative reviews.

  1. Make An Effort To Make A Difference Rather Than Making A Sale – And finally, this can be a bit tricky since the main point of entering into a job in sales is to make a sale. But the path to making a sale has to start with establishing a relationship with customers so you’ll be able to recognize their problems and then offer targeted solutions.

Again, this has something to do with the skills we enumerated above. But it’s still worth mentioning because these are the same skills that you need to make a difference, and ultimately, accomplish your goal of making a sale.



And there you have it. The things we’ve mentioned here are the basic ones that you need to remember in order to succeed in the field of sales.

If you’re ready to get started with a sales job  today, then there’s no time left for doubt. Just go ahead and start looking for a sales job today because the path to success always begins with the first step.

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