The Facts You Should Know Before Going to a Sauna

facts about sauna

If you are one of those people who mind their well-being, we bet that you have heard of a sauna, a form of heat therapy that claims to help your body relax as well as combat multiple acute and chronic conditions.

But, are saunas good for your health? We have scrutinized there benefits and shortcomings to help you gauge.

The Benefits of a Sauna Therapybenefits of sauna

• Saunas help your body to flush out toxins through the skin

The intense heat sessions in a sauna accelerate sweating, thereby helping your body to get rid of salts, urea, phthalates, and other toxins in form of sweat.

• Saunas support weight loss

Just like an intense physical activity, a sauna session could help you lose excess weight by hastening your metabolism. In fact, some scientific studies suggest that a 20 minute sauna session could help you lose up to 500 calories.

• Saunas Support Your Immune System

The sauna therapy supports the production of white blood cells, which help the body fight against common viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Moreover, regular saunas sessions could help your body to heal faster from certain ailments.

• Saunas support your skin health

Sauna sessions boost blood flow to the skin. The healthy flow of blood supplies the skin with adequate nutrients, natural moisturizers, and the essential oils required to support the growth of a new and healthy skin cells.

The Possible Risks of a Sauna

• Dehydration

The elevated temperatures in a sauna could lead to excessive sweating and subsequent dehydration. However, this could not be an issue if you take sufficient drinks before and after your session, as well as limit the time you spend in a sauna.

• Burns

Saunas burns may result when your body comes into contact with the sauna’s heater, or when you use the sauna for a prolonged period. Usually the burns are minor, but sometimes they may be serious.

Final Verdict- Are Saunas Good for Your Health?

Yes, saunas are good for your health. They help your body flush out toxins through sweat, accelerate weight loss, as well as support your body’s immune system. However, you should use a sauna within the expert-recommended time to avoid dehydration, burns, and other related risks.

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