How Much Does Shoe Repair Cost

One question that many people have when they need shoe repairs is how much does shoe repair cost. But the fact of the matter is, there is a lot of variation between different shoe repair shops and between the shoes that need repairs and those that don’t.

So read more as we are going to tackle this topic further in today’s entry.


Considerations To Think About

The first thing that you should consider is what type of shoe needs to be repaired. Many people have athletic shoes that simply need few replacement insoles or just a minor repair. If this is your situation, you probably won’t need the services of a professional shoe repair specialist.

But if your problem is something that can’t be remedied with a simple DIY fix like sole separation or something that requires a complicated restoration process such as Birkenstock repair, then your footwear definitely needs more specialized repair attention.


Types Of Typical Repairs And Their Average Cost

shoe repair average cost

There are actually many types of repairs a professional shoe repairer can do. And most kinds of restorations are enlisted below in this section. Do bear in mind that the different pricing you’ll find here are the average prices of shoe repairs in the US. However, it’s also worth noting that some shops may offer a cheaper price than others, while will also be willing to offer discounts depending on the pairs of shoes to be repaired:

  • Heel replacement ($30)
  • Sole replacement ($35)
  • Heel and sole replacement ($60)
  • Heel and toe taps restoration ($10)
  • Adding Vibram rubber soles ($30)
  • Indented toe taps ($25)
  • Leather insoles replacement ($25)
  • Vamp ($20)
  • Stretch Width ($20)
  • Scotchgard/Waterproofing ($5)

It doesn’t really matter if your footwear is chewed up by your pet dog or badly beaten up by concrete because expert shoe repair companies like NuShoe will be able to deal with these fatal issues and make it go away like magic.

Trivia: A person who restores and repairs different kinds of shoes is called a “Cobbler”, while a professional who makes new pairs of shoes from new leather is called a “Cordwainer”.


Duration Of Shoe Repairs

A typical shoe repair may take at least a week depending on the severity of the issue. But you may have to consider adding more days of waiting time, about 3 to 4 days, if there is more than 1 pair of shoes to be repaired, especially if the shop is more of a family-owned business.

However, not so complicated fixes like polishing and non-indented taps can be repaired while you wait.



Of course, there’s nothing like buying a new pair of shoes as it certainly brings a euphoric feeling that you won’t be able to feel from buying other stuff. But still, nothing will bring a smile quite like being complimented on the “new shoes” you’re wearing knowing they’re actually years older than what others think, and you’ve only spent $30 just to get them re-heeled and shined.

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