Silk Nightgowns Vs. Satin Nightgowns: Which Is Better?

silk vs satin nightgowns

When it comes to the best sleepwear, silk and satin will never be out of the discussion especially when we talk about nightgowns. But which of these mediums will be the better choice?

Get to know more about this as we are going to make a comparison between silk nightgowns and satin nightgowns and determine which these 2 sexy fabrics are better than the other.


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This is a very important aspect to consider, and at times it can be a deciding factor for choosing the ideal sleepwear.

Silk offers an appearance of shine with hints of light shimmers and exudes a fluid look. On the other hand, satin has a luxurious and thicker look with a slight shine on the outer side of the nightgown and a flat appearance on the inside.

Both fabrics look regal. So we’ll let you decide on this one…


Silk and satin fabrics are made differently. To be specific, silk is created naturally by silkworms and the silk fibers are woven to produce the end-product, which is the silk fabric.

And if silk is all-natural, then satin is a man-made fabric. It is made up of nylon and polyester threads which are woven together (at times in factories) to produce the satin fabric.

When talking about this aspect, we choose silk over satin since it is made from natural and sustainable products which do not require complicated processes that may harm or affect the environment in a negative way.


The cost of silk nightgowns vs. satin nightgowns is usually based on how the fabrics are produced. Silk takes more time to produce because the production of silk fabrics by silkworms takes time. That’s why it’s expensive.

On the other hand, satin fabrics are cheaper because they are mass produced. But come to think of it a lot of lingerie shops nowadays are selling silk and satin nightgowns at practically the same price. So silk will still be a better option compared to satin.satin nightgown


Another aspect to consider is breathability. So this goes without saying that silk is more breathable than satin because it’s a much lighter fabric over the other.


Silk requires hand washing and should be hung dry, while satin is washed differently depending on the type of satin fabric that you have. For nightgowns made of cheap satin, a spin in the washer will do just fine, but the more expensive variety may also require hand washing.


Overall, we can say that silk nightgowns are better than satin nightgowns because they are made from natural fabrics and it’s much lighter and breathable to wear during sleep.

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