Sustainable Fast Shirt Printing Practices

As we move forward to the new decade, the movement towards environment-friendly practices in business is not waning. In fact, various industries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability that screen printing companies are also learning to adapt to the aspect of eco-friendliness in business. And though there is an increase in cost and logistics, sustainability in screen printing can be a worthwhile endeavor if you combine your efforts with unwavering commitment.

So what are the things you need to go green with printing business? If you’re interested to know, then we suggest you continue reading this entry as we are going to tackle sustainable fast shirt printing practices in today’s entry.

Chemical-Free Workplace

Whether you are a large scale screen printing company or a small enterprise, there are many changes you have to do to improve the sustainability in your workplace.

And the first thing you’ll have to deal with is to switch to a chemical-free environment by opting for water-based pallet adhesives instead of aerosol cans.

Aside from that, you need to discard caustic products and choose soy, citrus, and iodine-based products from now on.

Water-Based Ink

Another way of improving sustainability in your screen printing business is to start using water-based inks instead of plastisol inks. While the use of plastisol inks is a commonplace in the screen printing industry, they also contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

So go for water-based printing inks as the quality of these products has been improved in terms of opacity, less curing temperatures, and brightness of colors. This is absolutely a great move on your part if you’re strongly considering going green in your screen printing business.


We also recommend that you’d be mindful of the product labels on the supplies you are using from now on.

As you have to be keen on the quality of the products you are going to use, so as the importance of making sure that the products are really environment-friendly.

Moreover, you have to go through this process to prevent “greenwashing” or creating a false perception of a product by promoting it as eco-friendly.


Proper waste disposal is also crucial, especially when discarding chemicals to the drain.

To be specific, you need to install an extra mesh to your washout sink to filter harmful elements that will otherwise create a negative impact on our environment.

Another thing to consider is by partnering with a chemical waste company to pick up chemical waste at a designated area.

Re-Use And Recycle

And finally, we also recommend that you re-use or repurpose supplies in your shop instead of throwing it away (if necessary). For example, if you have misprinted shirts, then you can use them as rags for cleaning. Similarly, cardboard boxes can also be repurposed as storage boxes to keep your tools in one place and prevent any mess from causing chaos in your printing shop.


Final Thoughts

All in all, shifting to sustainable fast printing practices may seem overwhelming at first, but definitely doable. So starting those baby steps from now and your efforts toward sustainability will eventually pay off.

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