5 Reasons Why Takashi Murakami Prints Rocks

takashi murakami prints

Takashi Murakami is one of the most successful artists in the contemporary art movement. And this is because he was able to establish himself as “Japan’s Andy Warhol” and was able to work with prominent fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Indeed, this brilliant man has lots of artistic talents that he can create drawings, sculptures, animations, and paintings. But probably, the most art pieces that stand out the most are his colorful prints.

So in this entry, we are going to give you 5 reasons why Takashi Murakami prints rocks and why art lovers should own one today.

Here we go…

You Own A Piece Of Art History

Takashi Murakami prints are in a league of their own as they are made by an artist who actually invented his own art movement. To be specific, Murakami is credited for founding “Superflat” which is a type of art that combines high and low artistic styles such as fine art and anime while using flat colors at the same time.

So in a sense, you are keeping a potentially valuable investment that can be compared to that of Andy Warhol’s work (knowing that Murakami is often compared to Warhol) in terms of monetary value someday.

Asian Influence Is IN These Days

If Kpop fashion is a dominant fashion trend these days, and if Asian fusion is a preferred cuisine of the foodie generation, then it makes sense to go Asian with your choice of art. And sure enough, you will not regret on Murakami prints because they imbibe a certain kind of distinct east meets west beauty that you don’t usually find in other contemporary art pieces.

Some Prints Show The Alter Ego Of The Artist

murakami art vancouver
Murakami at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Mr. Dob’s paintings are some of the sought after artworks made by Murakami. But did you know that this character is the self-proclaimed alter ego of the artist? Yes! That’s why he often chooses this as a subject in paintings, sculptures, and other products because Murakami wants to explore his own identity and express it in art.

His Choice Of Colors Are Next To None

Anyone can tell a Murakami masterpiece from a distance because of its fun, frisky use of colors that exude feelings of jubilation and euphoria. So if you want to change the mood in your living room and add a cheerful and interesting mood, then you should start by placing a price of Murakami’s work on your wall.

His Art Is A Reflection Of The Modern Age

Technology plays a crucial role in Takashi Murakami prints and his other art works, in general. If the works of Da Vinci and Michelangelo represents the Renaissance period, then it’s safe to say that Murakami’s art works reflect the way our modern age is being depicted: technologically advanced yet culturally diverse at the same time.

If you’re looking to purchase one of his artworks, visit Dope Gallery’s Murakami Prints page for more information.

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