Tips on How to Quit Smoking

It’s not easy to just quit a habit such as smoking, everyone knows that. But, every goal starts with a small step, and deciding that you’re ready to quit is the most amazing first step you can possibly make. In order to help you meet your goals and live life to the fullest without harmful smoke destroying your body, we’ve made a list of tips. If you stick to them, we’re sure you’ll carry out!

Find Your Motivation

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Look around you and see what matters to you the most. Why did you want to do this in the first place? You could protect your loved ones from the harmful toxins that are released every time you draw the smoke in and out. Other than that, you’ll do your best to protect yourself from cancer, heart conditions and other diseases. In addition, you’ll be more relaxed, rested and ready for anything. Think about it, find your motivation, and remember it every time it gets too hard. You can do it!

Schedule Your Quitting Day

Pick a date that’s not too far in the future, so you don’t change your mind. There are two ways you can handle the process while approaching that particular date: you can either quit gradually by reducing the nicotine inhalation before the quitting day comes, or you can do it abruptly, by suddenly stopping the nicotine inhalation on the picked day.

Make sure you’re well-prepared for it: tell your friends and family what your intentions are, get rid of everything that reminds you of tobacco, store replacements such as hard candy, carrot sticks, water supplies etc. Make sure you’ve determined how you’ll deal with this crisis when it happens: prepare ways to distract yourself from nicotine cravings.

Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy

NRT represents one of the most popular ways of setting yourself free from the harmful habit you acquired. Before deciding if you should try this method, keep yourself well-informed about all aspects of it. NRT comes in all shapes and sizes: nicotine patches, chewing gum, lozenges, nose spray, inhaler. Discuss the usage with a healthcare professional. Keep in mind that the goal is to give up your nicotine addiction in total, and not just giving up tobacco. After a certain amount of time, feel free to consider non-nicotine medications.

Find Support

Everyone needs someone to lean on. Whether it’s a loved one, group of friends, colleagues at work, or a support group, finding someone you can count on for extra motivation is very important in order to reach a goal such as this. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, it’s the most human thing you can do!

Try Alternative Therapies

Some people find it more than helpful to focus on different activities in order to distract themselves. The most common alternative therapies you’ll come across include: meditation, yoga, filters, herbs and supplements, cigarette deterrents etc. There’s no reason not to try them out if you feel like it: you have nothing to lose, right?

If you need more help in overcoming your smoking habit, you can visit Dr. Judson Brewer’s website and check out his smoking cessation mobile app.

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