5 Fascinating Facts About Silver Dollar City

5 fascinating facts silver dollar city

Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri is always known as a town of thrilling rides, tasty treats, and entertaining shows. And while it welcomes many visitors every year, only a few really know about the history, legend, and some intriguing facts about this premier attraction.

So sit back and relax as we are going to tackle the 5 fascinating facts about Silver Dollar City and learn more about these things that made this place into one of the popular tourist destinations in the United States today.

To Origin Of The Name

Every wonder why SDC is called as such today? Well, it all started with a promotional concept in 1960 when the park began its operations, it handed out silver dollars as change to its visitors. And it didn’t take long for the word to spread out. Hence, it became known as “Silver Dollar City” and it stuck out ever since.

marvel cave 5 fascinating facts silver dollar city


There Was A Hole In The Middle Of The Ground

In case you don’t know, SDC rests within a natural wonder known as the Marvel Cave. This cavern was explored by the Osage Indians and was later leased by Mary and Hugo Herschend (founders of the theme park) in 1950 for 99 years to develop an entertainment park which we can to know as Silver Dollar City today.

Patterned After The Ozark Village

SDC was formerly modeled after the Ozark Village, a 1800s town with a general store, a blacksmith shop, a doll shop, and ice cream parlor, 2 genuine log structures, Wilderness Church. And while the original town did feature shows and entertainers, there were no rides available during that time.

The Real Main Attraction

Unbeknownst to many, the main attraction of SDC is not the shows or the rides, but it’s actually their food. And the reason for this is that SDC’s offering of tasty treats always get good reviews as compared to foodstuffs from other theme parks. From taffy to funnel cakes, you’ll surely can get enough of their delicious eats.outlaw run 5 fascinating facts silver dollar city

The Most Daring Wooden Roller Coaster

Finally on this list of fascinating facts about Silver Dollar City is the park’s latest and probably the greatest ride that they can offer to visitors, the Outlaw Run.

And while thrill-seekers are well familiar about this ride, there is still one thing that you may know about Outlaw Run and that it’s considered as the most daring wooden roller coaster ride in the whole world! It is the only wooden coaster ride to feature a very steep drop of about 16 stories and an upside down twist.

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