What Bicep Workouts Can You Do To Build Arm Muscles?


More often than not, a big bicep is often depicted as the definition of muscular fitness in men. In fact, this muscular feature is usually displayed by Hollywood actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and even fictional characters like the Hulk and Johnny Bravo to show off their muscular prowess. And this is the reason why most men tend to target this area of the body more aside from the chest and abs.

So if you want to build muscles on this part of your arm, then we invite you to go on further in this fitness guide as we are going to share some effect bicep workouts that you can do to build arm muscles.

Hammer Curl

The way this works usually falls down to the detail: by flipping the dumbbell from side to side. Stand up and hold the dumbbell in your right arm and then another dumbbell in your left arm then lift it sideways on 1 arm and the put it down while doing the same process on the other arm. This is effective in the sense that it transfers more energy from the bicep brachii to the brachialis, which are the types of muscles that make your arms appear thicker.

Standing Dumbbell Curl

This is arguably a classic when it comes to bicep workouts and probably the most effective as well.

To do this, do a standing position first then hold the dumbbell in your right arm and then another dumbbell in your left arm. Make sure your elbows are near your torso and your palms faced forward, then lift the dumbbell on one arm and move it down while simultaneously doing the same process on the other arm. Don’t forget to exhale as you curl up the dumbbell and contract your biceps.

Zottman Curl

Well, it works similar to the standing dumbbell curl with the addition of the wrist rotation. To do this, follow the position as stated in the standing dumbbell curl and lift the dumbbell upwards to your shoulder. Pause for a bit then twist your wrist as you take it back to the starting position while repeating the same process on the other arm.

Decline Dumbbell Curl

And last on this list of effective bicep workouts is the decline dumbbell curl. Now you may be asking why lying on your chest helps build bicep muscles? The answer to that is simple: it helps isolate the bicep area even better as there is no weight running through your body aside from these muscle areas.

To do this, lie on your chest using a bench that is angled to 45 degrees. Then, bend your elbows without moving your upper arms and slowly curl both dumbbells onto your shoulders. Pause a bit, and then go back to the starting position again to repeat the process.

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