Ride The Future: The Amazing Electric Car Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

amazing electric car facts

Electric cars are often considered as the car of the future because of the state-of-the-art technology it brings to the car industry. And while some people often assume owning one is a pipedream because of its hefty price tag, manufacturers are actually making moves to make these types more affordable to the masses.

So if you’re planning to buy one today, then it might be helpful that we’ll share some amazing electric car facts that you probably didn’t know so that you get to know how it works and how you can benefit from it as well.

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amazing electric car facts fast runThey Are Fast

Since electric vehicles have no gears, they don’t need time to accelerate. In other words, you’ll have instant acceleration the moment you step into the pedal.

And even though most electric vehicles have limited speed, the fastest units can reach up to a speed of 200 km/h… Now that’s really fast!

They Have No Exhaust

Unlike cars with gas and diesel powered engines, electric cars don’t produce emissions which can be harmful to the environment. That’s why they don’t need engine exhaust. And as a result, they run much quieter compared to conventional vehicles.

They Are Rechargeable

Owning an electric car can actually save you time lining up in gas stations as you can recharge the battery at your own home. Typically, electric chargers are installed in your garage are so you can recharge at off-peak hours to save money.amazing electric car facts charging stations

And you still don’t have to worry if you’re planning to go on a long trip because more and more charging stations are being opened in most US states nowadays so you can recharge your car even if you’re away from home.

A Full Charge Electric Car Can Travel Up To 160 km

In connection to number 3 of this amazing electric car facts list, a full-day charge before taking a long trip can last up to 160 km before heading on the station for the next charge. Just remember to plan ahead before travel as it will require a 24-hour charging time to reach the 160 km mark.

And if you’re planning on using the electric car for daily short trips, an overnight charge can do just fine because you can be assured that your vehicle will run the whole day and then charge it again for the next day.

Less Maintenance Needed

And finally on this amazing electric car facts list is that electric-powered vehicles require less maintenance. And the reason for this is the engine does not overheat as gas-powered engines do and the brake pads last virtually longer due to regenerative braking. So you’ll only need to check the tires and wiper blades from time to time.

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