Best Essential Oil Fragrances To Combat Anxiety

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Stress is part of our daily lives. And if we tend to ignore it, it may lead to anxiety and depression which can cause us to feel irritable, restless, and at times having an upset stomach and trouble at sleep.

The good thing however is that stress is curable. And one of the most effective ways of treating stress and anxiety is through aromatherapy because it provides a natural way of healing that you don’t often get from over the counter medicines.

So in this writing, we are going to tackle some of the best essential oil fragrances to combat anxiety and help relieve this negative effect of stress to help improve your well-being:


This is one of the most commonly used essential oils today because of the calming and relaxing effect it gives after using it.

Once inhaled, the lavender oil can restore our nervous system and makes us feel peaceful which will then result in the prevention of restlessness and panic attacks. Likewise, the lavender essential oil can also help in the treatment if upset stomachs, sleeplessness, and any forms of nervous tension in general.


The oil of the Vetiveria Zizannioides provides a tranquil and reassuring feeling which can be extremely useful in treating trauma. If you are suffering from panic attacks, shock, or jitters, then this is the ultimate cure for your illness.

According to a research conducted by Natural Product Research, vetiver oil can lessen the effects of anxiety-like behavior. And though this finding is inconclusive at the moment, a lot of people have already attested to its beneficial effects.


Though commonly used for wooing women, the effect of rose oil is very settling to anxious hearts as well. In fact, it is considered as the second best essential oil fragrances for battling anxiety after lavender.

In a study conducted on pregnant women, one group was asked to have an exposure of rose oil through inhalation and footbath for 10 minutes while the other group was instructed to have a footbath of rose oil with warm water. And the results show a promising effect in terms of alleviating stress-related feeling to the group who both experienced aromatherapy and footbath than those who only undergone footbath.

Ylang Ylang

This type of essential oil helps soothe feelings of fearfulness and produces uplifting feelings of optimism and cheerfulness. Moreover, it prevents palpitations due to the calming effect it brings to the nervous and agitated heart. And due to the strong sedative properties of ylang ylang essential oil, it is also used for curing insomnia.


Frankincense has long been used for treating anxiety and depression because it gives off calming and relaxing energy to the body. Also, this essential oil is a popular choice for meditation since it uplifts spiritual mood and it helps in achieving a quiet mind through concentration.

In a study made by Keimyung University in Korea, they found out that when frankincense is mixed with lavender and bergamot essential oils and applied through hand massage, it was proven to relieve the pain of hospice patients who are suffering from terminal cancer.


In a study conducted in 2013, it was determined that inhaling jasmine essential oil can result in sense of romance and well-being. And unlike most oils mentioned in this entry, jasmine can calm the nervous system without causing us to feel sleepy.



And the last entry on our best essential oil fragrances list for treating anxiety is a kind of essential oil that delivers a peaceful and calming scent. Chamomile promotes inner harmony by relieving us with feelings of depression, anxiety, and irritability. It even prevents us from overthinking, that’s why it’s ideal to be used if we want to clear our mind from all of our daily worries.

The use of oil extracted from the Chamaemelum nobile plant is generally safe, but some may experience allergies especially to those who are allergic to ragweed.

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