Steps In Choosing A Good English School In Ireland

finding good english school ireland

Recent research indicates that there are more than ten thousand international students studying the English language in Ireland every year. In fact, the city of Dublin alone is already hailed as a top destination for international education in Europe. So if you’re thinking of going to school in this country, then this is the place to be.

But due to the many language schools in Ireland, you may have a hard time choosing among the different academic institutions to enroll in. So if you’re looking to get the best quality English education in the Republic of Ireland, you should pick a school that offers everything you need to make your stay in Ireland worth it.

Read more as we are going to share the steps in choosing a good English school in Ireland in today’s post.


Choose An ACELS-Certified English Language School

To ensure the quality and legitimacy of the English curriculum you want to take, you must choose an English school in Ireland that is accredited by ACELS. The Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services is a government agency that regulates and monitors the quality of English being taught in Ireland.

Getting a certification from this organization provides solid proof that your school of choice strictly follows the rules set by ACELS and offers the best academic services to ensure a good educational experience for the students.

By choosing an ACELS-certified English language school, you can be assured of getting English education as you expected.

Ensure The School Of Choice Has Learner Protection

The Learner Protection serves as insurance to students to ensure they are well taken care of in case the school will end its activities. If this happens, the insurance company will provide options whether to finish the classes at another school or reimburse the student with the full amount.

Use Online Tools To Know More About The School

Go to the social media page of the school you want to enroll in to get more information about their history, the type of English education they offer, the number of present students, customer feedback, and what netizens are saying about the institution.

Determine The Class Size

Most language schools in Ireland have 15 students in one class while others have smaller sizes. Make sure the class size does not exceed to 15 students to ensure the quality of English education they provide to their students.

Make Sure The School Guarantees At Least five (5) Class Levels

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To be specific, your school of choice must offer these class levels in their English courses:

  • A1 Elementary
  • A2 Pre-Intermediate
  • B1 Intermediate
  • B2 Upper Intermediate
  • C1 Advanced

Know The Type Of ‘International Mix’ The School Has

Determine the breakdown of the different nationalities enrolled at the school. The more international students the school has, the better the chances of practicing your English proficiency through interaction with various people from different countries.

Get More Details About The Teaching Staff

Teachers should at least be native speakers of the English language so they’ll be able to teach efficiently. So get more information about their teaching staff as much as possible.

Location Of The School

Is the school near public transport areas? Or do they offer accommodation within the vicinity of the educational institution? Get more details on this matter before you book.

What Kind Of Accommodation Do You Want To Live In?

Do you want to live with a host family? Or would you rather rent an apartment or stay at the school’s residence house? And can the school help you organize your living options? These are some of the things you also need to consider.

What Is The Level Of Social Activities Being Offered?

And lastly, you also have to find out more about social activities as you choose a good English school in Ireland. Being able to socialize and meet other people is crucial for having a complete experience in your international schooling. So ask for more details about the school’s excursions, social immersions, and other out-of-the-classroom activities before making a decision to enroll with them.

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