What Is The Cost Of Getting IT Support Services

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One of the main challenges that businesses are facing nowadays is deciding whether to hire internal IT employees or outsource the IT support needs of their organization. This is very important since maintaining the IT infrastructure is necessary to ensure smooth business operation.

But for some businesses, hiring an in-house IT team seems impractical since their service is not used every day. If this is the case, then outsourcing IT support will be the best solution to meet the digital requirements of your company.

But what is the cost of getting IT support services?

If you want to know more about this, we advise you to continue reading as we’ll talk about this topic in today’s post.


The Cost Of Having Self-Managed IT Support

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According to research, the average income of an in-house IT technician is $40,000 a year, with an upper range income of almost $60,000/year. On the other hand, IT support employees with extensive years of experience usually get an annual salary of $46,000, with an upper range income of about $65,000 a year. These figures already include the base salary of the technician along with the bonuses, and profit sharing but excluding benefits like health insurance.

So this goes to show that if you’re going to self-manage an IT employee, you must also add sick pay, annual payroll tax, and vacation time along with the required benefits which can run up to $13,000 a year. And on top of that, you are expected to shoulder the training expenses which cost around $2500 per IT staff.

To sum up everything, your company is expected to spend a great deal of money if you choose to have an internal team of IT personnel.


Outsourcing IT Support

Choosing to outsource your company’s IT support may seem extravagant at first considering some agencies offering IT support services charge at an hourly rate. But if you try to look closer, this route is actually cost-effective because you are paying for their experience, expertise, and the backup provided in case any problem will happen. And you don’t have to worry about monthly salaries, benefits, and taxes since they are only working for you at a specific contract period. Once their contract expires, you have the option to renew or discontinue their services and just contact them again when the need arises.

A reputable IT support company will always start by assessing your digital system and then come up with a customized solution to meet the needs of your business. In short, they don’t “pad” the bill as they will only perform tasks that you require them to do.

This can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and support for your system because you’re not paying for an annual salary like when you hire an in-house IT support as discussed above.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the cost of hiring outsourced IT support outweighs the cost of having in-house IT employees. So if you’re currently in a situation where you have to make a decision about this matter, we recommend you to make the right choice and go for a more practical way of supporting your company’s IT infrastructure.

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