Digital Menu Boards To Influence Healthy Eating

digital menu boards healthy eating

As more and more people are becoming health-conscious these days the food choices are geared towards the wholesome, organic, natural, and nutritional foodstuffs. But sadly, 45% of Americans are finding it hard to pick healthy eating choices according to a YouGov survey in 2017. And part of this problem is the lack of nutritional options on restaurant menus.

So the best solution in addressing this issue is by providing healthy meal options to patrons who want to indulge in nutritious and delicious food choices. And thankfully, some quick restaurant service and fast food chains are already implementing this concept on their menu.

Learn more as we are going to tackle how digital menu boards in restaurants can influence consumers to healthy eating.

Nutritional Information Is More Value To Consumers Than What You Think

According to a data released by FDA, a third of American’s calorie intake is usually done outside the home. And since most people are monitoring their daily calorie intake nowadays, consumers are always looking to find nutritional information on all food products including, restaurant menus. Unfortunately, the lack of nutritional labeling in some restaurant menus is making it hard for us to determine the calories of the food that we are ordering.

This is where digital menu boards come into play particularly, digital drive-thru signages as more than half of the daily fast food sales are taking place at the drive-thru window. If clear nutritional facts are clearly displayed, the consumer’s decision will be impacted towards ordering that food item, which, in a sense, will also influence the purchase decision of other consumers who are looking to eat a healthy and delicious meal.

Providing Smart Healthy Food Choices Makes A Big Difference

restaurant digital menu

Nowadays, fast food menus all over the country are required to provide basic nutritional information on their menus. However, 45% of consumers are still struggling to make decisions on what food to eat as they don’t get the necessary information that they are looking for.

Digital menus represent a great opportunity for restaurants and other food establishments to guide consumers toward healthier meal options without having to change the contents manually. This is beneficial to the business since they won’t have to spend on reprinting the details on the menu items. Likewise, it will be a way for the restaurant to attract more customers as those who frequently eat will likely spread the changes they have noticed by word of mouth. Of course, providing a “wow experience” to restaurant patrons is also necessary to make this happen.

More Benefits To Consider

Not to be biased about it, but digital menus are the most effective and efficient way of conveying the right information to customers. And not only that, because going digital on this specific area will add a new dynamic to the business in terms of productive operations.

Moreover, it’s not just giving a clear display of the food’s nutritional information that these digital menus can provide because you can also get these benefits from using digital boards:

  • Restaurants will be able to sell new menu items with eye-catching display, setting the business apart from its competitors as the food items are showcased with digital display of images and videos. What better way of presenting hot food to entice customers than to display the meal options through interactive display?
  • It saves the restaurant time and money that is usually intended for putting up and taking down stationary menu displays. Likewise, it will also allow the business to update the menu items on all branches at once.
  • It will enable the business to adapt the items to the specific time of the day very easily. In short, the restaurant will be able to offer breakfast items in the morning, lunch items in most parts of the day, and dinner menus in the evening.
  • And finally, digital menu boards will undoubtedly enrich the customer experience.

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