Ranking The Most Expensive Chess Boards

most expensive chess sets

The game of chess has endured for many centuries. The actual origin of this strategic game might be hard to determine, but one thing’s for sure that it was derived from Chaturanga in Eastern India sometime in the 6th century until it was standardized in the 1900’s.

Today, millions of people are playing chess for pleasure and sport. Whether young or old, amateur or professional, anyone can play chess.  And with our passion for the game comes our remarkable ingenuity of creating some of the most luxurious chess sets we have today.

So read further as we are going to rank some the most expensive chess boards from the least expensive to the classiest of chess sets that you can own and play with as long as you are ready to spend big.

Let’s begin.

Renault F1 Team Chess Set (Price: $44,813)

The chess pieces of this set are made of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel, the same metals used for making the Formula 1 Renault car. And in order to be true with its racing theme, the pieces are crafted to look like hubs and cockpit sittings. On the other hand, the chess board is made up of carbon fiber, again a nod to Renault’s racing roots since most framings of F1 cars are made up of carbon fiber these days.

The Renault F1 Team Chess Set is definitely for chess players who have a fast and aggressive playing style. Truly, a perfect set for racing enthusiasts who love the game of chess.

Carolingians And Moors (Price: $102, 561)

This set is created and designed by Pianki and Piero Benzoni respectively. The chess pieces include detailed figures of knights, royals, and griffins which are all made of gold and silver plated bronze. Each piece stands at 30cm tall to make it more noticeable. Moreover, the chess board is made from onyx and bronze and embellished with marble accents.

The Carolingians and Moors set is definitely an eye-catching piece and is a must-have item to any chess collectors who want to play with style.

Grahl Set (Price: $450,000)

If you are a chess lover and have $450,000 to spare, then this set is for you. The original design was conceived by Jim Grahl, a skilled jewelry designer when he was commissioned to create this lavish-looking masterpiece in 1972.

The total weight of the chess pieces is nearly 1 pound and are all made of 14 karat gold and silver. As for the board, it is made of ebony wood with sterling silver embellishments. Even the case is exquisitely created, making one of the most beautiful and expensive chess boards ever made.

The J.Grahl set is perfect for chess enthusiasts who admire fine workmanship, rare gems, exotic wood, and is willing to pay as much as $400 for a custom-made replica of the original design.

Art Of War Set ($800,025)

Any lover of strategic games would surely be familiar of Sun Tzu famed book about military strategy and tactics. And so it is but fitting to celebrate the legacy of Art of War by conceptualizing a chess set based on this book.

The set was designed by Victor Scharstein and each made is carefully handcrafted and adorned with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. The chess board alone is a stunning piece as it is made of ebony wood and solid gold and encrusted with precious stones.

The recorded price of Art of War set in an auction was €705,782 ($800,025), but the actual price remains a mystery.

Jewel Royale Set (Price: $1,306,336)

jewel royale set

And last but the least is a magnificent collaborative masterpiece from Boodles Company & Jewel Royale, the Jewel Royale set. Currently holding the top spot in this most expensive chess boards list, this chess collection was subjected to controversy during the announcement of this project. The King piece alone is priced at a whopping $63,216, which is $20,000 pricier than the first entry on this list.

The Jewel Royal set can be yours for $1,306,336, but you will have to wait for 4 months before it can be completed.

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