8 Creative Wedding Cake Topper Ideas For Romantic Couples

wedding cake toppers

The beauty of wedding celebrations can be seen through the details. From the elegant design of the guestbook down to the cocktails at the receptions, all these things say something about the couple. And when it comes to the wedding cake, the more personalized it is, the better.

So if you want to make your cake a bit more personal and special, then we suggest that you keep on reading as we are going to share the 8 creative wedding cake topper ideas that couples can use to show off their romantic side.

Pug Cake Topper

This kind of topper is suitable for pet lover couples. Of course, the type of pet can change depending on what the couple owns to let the guests know their passion for dogs, cats, and etc.


This concept design is ideal for couples who want to add a dash of mystery into the celebration. Silhouette cake toppers are unlike most wedding topper designs, making your wedding stand out among the rest.

Floral Pomander Ball

If you are planning to have white and silver motifs on your wedding, then this cake topper is the ideal choice. Floral pomander ball toppers are a perfect addition for nuptials who want to exude a modern with hints of traditional vibe into the mood.

Flamingos Cake Topper

Flamingos in love (with their necks shaped like a heart) topper is definitely hard to top. Now only will it look great on your wedding cake, but it can also be repurposed as an adorable home décor after the wedding day.

Sleek And Vintage

vintage wedding cake

If you are more of a traditional couple and going for a vintage theme, then this cake topper will surely hit the mark. The classic topper design will best match your wedding dress especially if you are wearing a 1930s inspired wedding gown – a style that is going back in the wedding scene these days.

Paper Doll Cake Toppers

If you want a simple way to reflect your personality, then having these paper doll cake topper is the way to go. The design can be customized to represent the couple, but the big question is how will they be able to display the piece to last a lifetime?

Memento Piece

It can be any type of object which can define a special moment in the couple’s life. For instance, if they got engaged in New York, then they could top a cake with a miniature model of the Statue of Liberty.

This wedding cake topper idea is one good way of showing the guests how significant this moment for the couple is in letting them tie the knot.

Name Cake Toppersname cake toppers

And last on this wedding cake topper list is something that you can use to say what you feel about your partner. Of course, the words and phrases may depend on what the couple wants, but it is a great way to keep a clean, modern, and an on point look on your wedding cake. You can check out these custom-made name cake toppers from Your Perfect Finish if you’re interested in getting one.

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