Best AR-15 Accessories You Should Definitely Try

ar-15 accessories

The AR-15 is classified as one of best Military rifle from both military and civilian users (about 55% military and 45% civilian). This weapon from COLT is considered by many to be the best gun for civilian defense. Because of its ease of use and the dozens of accessories that you can add to it. Here are some of the the best AR-15 accessories in the market today:

1. The Quake Claw Tactical Sling

This little piece is the best tactical sling you can ever get. With a single-point attachment, it allows you to shoot from positions that can’t even think about it previously. It comes with a non-slip pad that reduces the feel of the recoil and shoulder fatigue. It is adjustable for added comfort during use. You get this piece for only 30-35 dollars.

2. Anderson Manufacturing Stripped Lower Receiver

This a wonderful piece built from aluminum T6 high-strength. It will give you high performance and infinite durability. It has special parts that enhance corrosion resistance especially when it’s used in extreme conditions. It allows you also to add another parts with external specifications. This piece’s price is about 45-50 dollars.

3. The Lower Smith & Wesson -M&P- AR Lower Parts Kit

It’s all you need for a stripped lower receiver. This kit contains more than 35 pieces including; bolt catch, hammer spring, magazine catch spring, takedown-pin, trigger guard, trigger pin and trigger spring, pistol-grip lock washer and many more. You can get the kit for 55-65 dollars.

4. AR-15 .223/5.56 Calibre Rifles MIL-SPEC Recoil Buffer Assembly

Hate recoil? You should definitely check out this recoil buffer assembly for the AR platform from DPM Systems USA. Their system produces this recoil reduction by gradually slowing down the bolt carrier. This set is the perfect accessory for your gun if you want to prevent jams, improve your accuracy and reduce your recoil further. You can get this for only $265.

5. The MFT 30-Round AR .556/.223 Magazine

Now you can shoot with confidence with this long-life steel spring. It has some little drain holes that stop moisture buildup in your weapon. It’s designed for easy handling. Get this piece for only 8-10 dollars.

6. The Magpul Ms3 Gen2 Sling

It comes in four colors (Black, Gray, Coyote and Ranger Green). You can now switch quickly and easily between one-point attachment than before. Even during emergencies, the cross-bolt lock gives you more security and peace of mind. The nylon webbing is very strong and can be used with all types of bodies and armors. I advise you to use it with sling mounts as it will allow you to shoot in different positions without difficulty. You can buy this piece for 50-60 dollars.

7. The Magpul M-LOK Polymer Rail Section

This is a super-though lightweight polymer piece that will allow you to attach different accessories, thanks to the 33 different sizes slots (from 2.5 to 4.9). This piece will also reduce snagging and sharp edges because of its beveled ends and corners. The price of this piece is about 10-20 dollars

8. The Magpul ASAP-QD Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point

This wonderful piece of accessory will provide you true ambidextrous manipulation when you shoot. Comfortable in using for both right-and left-handed shooters. It’s built from Melonite steel for extreme conditions and is corrosion-resistant. You can get this piece for only 30-40 dollars.

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