Best Honda Cars Ever Made

As the largest engine manufacturer in the world, Honda is known for good cars and fast motorbikes. Recently, Honda has developed the worlds first predictive speed control system for the bestseller model. the technology is programmed so that it is recognized in advance when another vehicle drives on its own lane in manufacture, it is difficult to determine the best model of the different car

Honda Civic – The Balanced Compact Class

Among the most popular Honda models is the Honda Civic from the compact class. since the first presentation of Civic in 1972, it has been continuously developed and is one of the best-selling vehicles to date with approximately 18.5 million units sold. since Honda discontinued production and sales for the civic range in japan in 2010, the car has been further developed and produced in Honda headquarters in other countries. the new models are equipped with petrol and diesel engines. It is not a race car, but a low fuel consumption and a practical space concept make the compact car a versatile companion for everyday use. If you’re looking for a Honda dealer in Kansas City, you can visit Jay Wolfe’s website for the best Civic deals today.

Honda Accord – The Sturdy Combo

The Honda Accord offers combined comfort since 1976 and can be used as petrol or diesel with ease over 200 km/ h. Being a mid-range car in various design lines,the look of Accord evolved according to its time and always conformed to the respective standard. Also, there are big differences in design when looking at the versions on different continents. So in Asia, North America and Europe very different versions of the car of all time. With approximately 17.5 million models sold, the Accord ranks among the best-selling cars of all time. The Honda Accord is a long-haul car with plenty of storage space – perfect for sale representatives or family use.

Honda Fit/Jazz – Small, Fut fast!

As a small car offers the Honda jazz , which was renamed in 2001 as Honda Fit . First introduced in 1983 as Honda City, the car took over the course of its development the names Honda Jazz, Honda logo and last but not least Honda Fit. Whether as a convertible or five-door : The small gasoline engine with a modern look is the ideal speedster for the city center. The new models are also combined as a hybrid with an electric motor using a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Although the electric motor can pull the 12-ton car at about 50 km/h itself, it used primarily as support for the gasoline engine. without much storage space, this car is practical for narrow streets and comes in every parking space; just the thing for the city dweller.

Honda CR-V – Strong and Sporty

honda cr v

As a sports and commercial vehicle (SUV) makes the Honda CR-V not only a good figure, but also offers comfortable extras. CR-V stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle”. . The aim of a runabout is a small car to offer, which belongs more to the rather sporty type. As a petrol or diesel engine, the CR-V reaches a maximum speed of between 180 200 km/h . The CR-V  shares the 1.6 i-DTEC engine with the Honda Civic , but offers much more space with length of 4.5 meters. An automatic four-wheel drive increases safety and puts the focus on the commercial vehicle. Designed for a sporty driving style , this car is still well suited as a private car for rural areas.

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